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"I am inspired by old architecture. It’s incredible to think about how…."

Architecture has fascinated Phil for decades. Now, he brings his knowledge and skills to the table to educate others.
Community Stories

Pilar's Empowering Story: A GetSetUp Guide Transforming Lives

From Bold Moves to Hospitable Gestures - Pilar's Path to Empowerment
Community Stories

A Journey of Discovery and Empowerment: Meet GetSetUp Guide Marjorie

From Cisco Academy to Caribbean Cruises – Marjorie's Tale of Bold Exploration
Community Stories

Yanira's Embracing Growth, Empowerment, and Lifelong Learning as She Ages

GetSetUp Guide Yanira empowers others and enriches her own life in the process.
Community Stories

Lee's Journey: Navigating the Path to Wisdom, Empowerment, and Contribution in Aging

Explore how GetSetUp Guide Lee embraces aging as an opportunity for growth, learning, and giving back.
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Vanessa is Embracing Opportunities and Lifelong Learning as She Ages

Discover how GetSetUp Guide Vanessa is making the most of her later years as she travels and works on projects she’s passionate about.
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Mike's Aging Boldly, Following his Heart, and Unleashing Creativity

Mike, a talented GetSetUp Guide, has embraced the opportunities of aging with boldness, empowerment, curiosity, and unwavering hospitality.
Community Stories

Deana's Artistic Journey: Embracing Creativity, Empowering Learners, and Thriving in Her Second Act

Discover how GetSetUp Guide Deana is redefining aging through her love for art and a passion for teaching.