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Architecture has fascinated Phil for decades. Now, he brings his knowledge and skills to the table to educate others.

Guide Philip C.

“I am inspired by old architecture. It's incredible to think about how 2000 years ago the Romans built things that are still standing. Especially considering they did it without any of the technology we have today.

“My favorite class is about Frank Loyd Wright’s architecture, but the class I enjoy teaching the most focuses on scams and frauds. As we age we become bigger targets for scams through email, mail, and our phones. I always tell learners that we want to enjoy life and not be scared, but take an extra second to think when online. People find this class helpful, and it is satisfying to help others.”

“Teaching was a natural flow from my job as an insurance claims adjuster. As I progressed through my career, I took on more responsibilities coaching and mentoring. Like most people, I had trouble speaking in front of groups at first. But I got better at public speaking the more I did it. After retirement, I started teaching.”

Outside of class, Philip enjoys his city. “I love the Chicago lakefront. From April to November, I enjoy walking, riding my bike, and observing the lake's scenery. I also like to take photographs and watch how the lakefront evolves.” On the weekends, Philip goes on adventures. “We travel locally and internationally. With the pandemic, my wife and I have been trying to take day trips and local trips to explore. I’m looking forward to traveling to England once it’s safe.”

Philip teaches architecture classes on GetSetUp. During the lockdown, he uses photos from his travels to show learners the intricacies of buildings across Europe, the United States, and specifically near his home in Chicago. 

This feature is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Jordan Evans, a student at Florida State University. 

May 17, 2024
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