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From the vibrant surroundings of Winter Haven, Florida, amidst the sweetness of orange groves, you can find Pilar. The first female president of a Rotary Club in Colombia and a non-stop member of committees and groups since childhood, Pilar makes her voice heard to empower others. GetSetUp Guide, Pilar is more than just an instructor; she is a living embodiment of the organization's core values: boldness, empowerment, hospitality, and curiosity. 

A Community Pillar in a Retirement Setting

Living in a retirement community, Pilar has transformed the mundane into extraordinary.

She reminisces, "I remember walking with my dog, and someone in a golf cart called me a superstar. It was then I realized the impact of my work with GetSetUp."

Her neighbors had seen her classes on AOL, and while they were familiar that she was a Guide on GetSetUp, they hadn’t realized her broad impact. 

Pilar's approach to life, be it in GetSetUp classes or her daily life, is holistic, focusing not only on physical wellness but also on mental and social health. She recalls a pivotal moment,

"In a community group at my local retirement home, I came to a social club, but everyone was talking about their ailments and being sick. I knew we needed to change the tone. So I stepped right in as the newcomer and changed the topic to their sex lives. It was startling but necessary to shift focus from ailments to empowering conversations."

This bold move redefined the group's dynamics, fostering a more positive and supportive environment.

A Heart for Hospitality and Service

Pilar's life is a testament to the power of perseverance. Following a severe car accident in 2014 and subsequent depression, she found strength in her resolve. "I was couch-bound for two years. But with help, I learned not giving up and moving forward was crucial, regardless of the challenges," she shares. Her story resonates deeply with her students, many of whom face similar health battles. She’s made it her goal to help empower others to stay active and keep moving, as she knows the positive impact that can have on overall health. 

Her role is about empowering. "I'm passionate about bringing out the best in people," Pilar states. 

Pilar's career, spanning high-end retail to managing a five-star hotel, has honed her natural inclination towards hospitality. "Saying 'no' is hard, because helping is in my nature," she explains. This trait extends beyond her professional life, reflected in her interactions with family, friends, and community members. 

She recently took on a part-time job at a department store to get out of the house a bit more, where she encourages colleagues to elevate their presentation, underscoring the importance of self-care and dignity at any age. 

“If you get to a certain age and you don’t make the effort, you become a couch potato. I am afraid of that, so I work at a department store to get out, wear makeup, and dress up. I’m working with co-workers to upgrade our store and empower people to pay attention to presentation.” 

Cultivating Curiosity and Lifelong Learning

For Pilar, every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

"Whether it's researching a law concept or learning pickleball, I embrace new experiences," she says.

This attitude is infectious, inspiring her students to adopt a similar mindset toward learning and personal growth.

“I like wellness, and I’m passionate about fitness and wellness. It’s not just about exercise but also about changing your mindset to feel better. We need to find our own ways to feel better, and I’m passionate about doing that. For example, I recently learned how to play pickleball by watching people, buying a paddle, and asking people to teach me. I now try to do that at least two or three times a week.”

Pilar shows a true passion for never giving up. She recently had her eleventh back surgery but is up and about actively doing things just two weeks later. 

Her journey with GetSetUp has also been transformative. 

"GetSetUp gave me a platform to explore a side of myself that I was afraid to explore on my own. I grew up when YouTube didn’t exist, and we had a rotary phone. So for the kids to put a video on Youtube - they do it and don't care - for me, it had to be perfection. I wouldn’t have been able to get started creating video content without GetSetUp," she admits. 

Her classes often help motivate her to start her day. When she has a class, she's up and ready to give it and helping people right at the start of the day through classes helps her feel that she’s started her day right.  

Boldness in Facing Life's Challenges

Pilar's philosophy is rooted in boldness and stress-free living. This mindset, coupled with her gut-driven decisions, has steered her through life's ups and downs, teaching her the importance of embracing each day as it comes.

 "Aging has taught me to enjoy life and not rush through it," she reflects. 

She’s learned how to destress and not create additional stress by letting negative things get to her.

“In Spanish, we say -’There are times that people and life throw things at you, so you have to shower yourself in butter so everything slides off.’ I think that is important. One of the things I have learned, and that is the biggest help in my recuperation, is to not create additional stress.”

Her classes, her community interactions, and her personal journey are a vivid tapestry of the values she holds dear - boldness, empowerment, hospitality, and curiosity.

Pilar concludes, "Working at GetSetUp is one of the greatest activities of my life. I'm proud to give back and be part of such a beautiful platform. I honestly think this is the most beautiful platform for me. GetSetUp gives me something that I look forward to doing every day, and that’s so important. Sometimes I have classes at 8 am, and that makes me get up, and once I'm on GetSetUp, my day starts beautifully."  

She feels blessed and motivated to see people in the classes asking her questions. GetSetUp classes are one more way for Pilar to help empower a broader community. 

Dec 8, 2023
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