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Join the Better Balance challenge to help improve your health and prevent falls!
Challenge YourSelf!

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Embrace the Colors of Nutrition to Boost Your Well-being and Combat Chronic Conditions
Community Stories

Learner spotlight: Martha sees GetSetUp as a whole new world for those suddenly solo

After being widowed twice in a short time Martha found renewed community with GetSetUp and is enjoying meeting like-minded peers from all over. Learn how Martha is...
Community Stories

Learn how Shikha is expanding her social circle through online learning

“Because of COVID-19 and social isolation, distance learning has become so popular. I can be in a classroom, participate, and see others participate. It is more social...
Community Stories

Finding courage to try new things motivates Gingy

“We should all try new things every day even if they scare us, but we don’t always,” said Gingy, a GetSetup Ambassador.
Learner Stories

Kathleen: Relearning at 62

“All people have to say is if you're not up to the challenge. Then I say I am always up to the challenge! I'm going to do this. I don't know how but I will.”