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Digital Equity Capacity Grant

The State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program is designed to foster digital equity through the enhancement of digital literacy and the promotion of online privacy and cybersecurity. The grant aims to address the digital divide by supporting projects that ensure all individuals, especially those in underrepresented populations, have the capacity for full participation in the digital economy and society. The program's objectives include improving access to broadband technology, making online public resources and services more accessible and inclusive, enhancing digital literacy, raising awareness of online privacy and cybersecurity, and increasing the availability and affordability of consumer devices and technical support.

How we can help you

GetSetUp is an online learning platform that specializes in live, interactive classes designed primarily for older adults, making it a perfect partner for organizations looking to achieve the objectives of the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program. With a comprehensive catalog of classes focused on digital literacy, online safety, health and wellness, and more, GetSetUp provides tailored educational content that can directly support the goals of grant participants. Our expert-led classes offer an engaging learning experience that empowers learners to acquire the skills needed to navigate and succeed in today's digital world.

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Our solution meets several grant objectives

GetSetUp can assist  partners in several key areas aligned with the grant's objectives:

Digital Literacy & Skills Training

Enhance the understanding and use of digital devices and the internet.

Online Safety and Privacy

Teach best practices for protecting personal information and navigating the web securely.

Economic Development

Build skills for the modern workplace, including digital communication and job search methodologies.

Online Access to Health & Mental Wellness Programs

Demonstrate how to access telehealth services and utilize digital tools for health management.

Device Deployment Programs

Technical support to activate devices followed by an interactive curriculum for teaching basic technology

Hear what our government partners say

Greg Olsen
Greg Olsen

Director of New York State Office of Aging

Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun
Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun

Michigan Governor Update on GetSetUp and it's impact on Older Adults

Example classes and training

By leveraging GetSetUp's educational offerings, partners can effectively address the objectives of the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program, providing impactful digital skills training to their communities.

Partner Testimonials

“In our partnership with GetSetUp, we were able to offer older adults a robust online learning platform of virtual classes, and they also provided individual onboarding and training for seniors who were issued an iPad.”

Ericka Danczak

Ericka Danczak

Director, Aging & Veteran Services Orange County Community Services

“Continual learning is healthy for all of us. The internet is a part of everyday life. It’s important that older adults feel safe and comfortable online. The classes this program offers will help do just that.”

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark

Community Health Section Manager, Wyoming Department of Health Aging Division

See our classes it in action

Device activation and training

As the largest social learning platform for older adults, GetSetUp has provided iPad recipients 1:1 onboarding, followed by training on their devices and instructions on how to use the internet safely.

We invite you to read and download the full case study below to see how GetSetUp can partner with your organization on turnkey device activation and training solutions for your older adult community.

Orange County partnered with GetSetUp to activate their older adult residents and members on their tablets, personal smartphones, and computers through 1-1 onboarding followed by classes on device training and how to safely and effectively use the internet. All older adults were provided with a safe and empowering virtual community to learn and practice technology skills. Plus they had access to classes to learn about health and wellness, fitness, explore their hobbies, and much more.

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