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May Campaigns for Wellness, Creativity, and Empowerment

From enhancing physical flexibility to nurturing creativity in gardening, and from leveraging digital tools for financial management to empowering your civic engagement, May's campaigns at GetSetUp are designed to enrich your lifestyle and boost your empowerment.
Digital Literacy

Elevating Economic Opportunities: How Digital Skills Transform Lives

Explore the transformative power of GetSetUp's digital skills classes in fostering economic development and job readiness among older adults.
Digital Literacy

Digital Pathways to Health: Navigating Wellness in the Digital Age

GetSetUp guides older adults in leveraging technology to access critical health and mental wellness resources online, fostering a healthier community.
Digital Literacy

Securing Your Digital Life Through Fraud, Scam, and Cybersecurity Education

Discover how GetSetUp’s dedicated online safety and privacy classes empower older adults to navigate the digital world securely and confidently.
Digital Literacy

Lifelong Learning and Digital Mastery: Building Skills for Today's World

GetSetUp’s comprehensive digital literacy and skills training classes cater to all levels, empowering older adults to thrive in a digital society.
Digital Literacy

Connectivity for All: Closing the Digital Divide with Device Onboarding

GetSetUp’s device onboarding initiatives ensure older adults have the necessary tools to participate fully in the digital world, enhancing inclusivity and connectivity.
Learner Stories

Judith’s Journey: A Retired Teacher’s Voyage Through Learning and Creativity with GetSetUp

Judith, a retired Michigan teacher, discovered a second wind in her retirement through GetSetUp, embracing technology, creativity, and community.

Conquering Chronic Pain: Insights from Master Trainer David Frost

David Frost shares a holistic approach to managing chronic pain, combining his extensive expertise in fitness and personal experience to empower individuals with practical, drug-free strategies for a pain-free life.