Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the psychological aspects of chronic pain, such as how fear and anxiety can significantly reduce its impact on your life.
  2. Understand the importance of movement and physical activity as natural remedies for mitigating chronic pain.
  3. Learn from Frost’s multifaceted experience, from being a veteran of chronic pain to a renowned fitness expert offering science-backed insights for managing pain effectively.

David Frost's journey from a decorated Naval Officer to a master fitness trainer and chronic pain advocate is nothing short of inspiring. With over 44 years of advocating for alternative approaches to managing pain, Frost brings a wealth of knowledge to his upcoming class, "Practical Ways to Address Chronic Pain." 

"Polypharmacy is not always the solution for chronic pain. That’s my personal conviction," Frost shares, aiming to explore methods beyond prescription drugs to alleviate pain. His firsthand experience with chronic pain equips him with unique insights into its management, making him a beacon of hope for many.

Mind Over Matter: Tackling Psychological Amplifiers

One of the core topics Frost plans to address in his class is the significant role of psychological factors, like fear and anxiety, in amplifying chronic pain. He introduces practical meditations and alerts designed to counter these mindsets, providing learners with tools to regain control over their mental state. 

"Pain can be a useful thing to tell us when something needs to be addressed. We need to do something about chronic pain that lasts more than 3 months," Frost explains, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach to managing and mitigating pain.

Through Frost’s research, he’s found that the average American spends 17% of their total years unhealthy and in pain. 

The Social Security Administration estimates that the average lifespan is 85 years. “My number one goal is to prove the Social Security Administration wrong and not be dead at 85 because I still have life. I want to extend my health span and “down age.” I’d like people to live longer and healthier and I work to promote that,” says Frost. 

From Theory to Practice: Frost's Expert Strategies

Drawing on his diverse background as a Master Fitness Trainer, Stretch Therapist, and his personal chronic pain journey, Frost is set to share strategies that encompass movement, mindset, and the importance of self-advocacy. His belief in "motion as medicine" underscores the class's focus on incorporating regular physical activity as a key component in chronic pain management. 

"We are supposed to move, and when we do, good things happen," Frost states, advocating for a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness and active living.

Frost’s book Kaboomer speaks to how to take two steps at a time instead of two drugs at a time. He hopes his Seven Steps to a Healthier Future will help reduce the dependency on prescription drugs to help people age better. His recently released follow-up book, Strong to Save, focuses on preventative aging techniques to help people extend their lifespan. Frost isn’t done writing books. He’s looking toward his next book, which he hopes to write for a younger generation and in collaboration with a female author. Frost's books focus on personal experience, feedback from hundreds of people he’s worked with, and science-backed techniques that are alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines.

Frost believes that learning is essential to overall health and wellness. 

“Research shows that the brain and learning, tied with motion, helped people to avoid dementia and other related cognitive diseases. If you aren’t being inquisitive, having fun, and being uncomfortable with new endeavors, then you aren’t living to the fullest. You should plan to do something new and challenging; outside your comfort zone every day,” encourages Frost. 

Why Attend Frost's Session?

David Frost's class is an essential session for anyone affected by chronic pain, whether personally or through someone they know.

I try to live what I believe and write about how we aren’t trees or mushrooms, but were meant to move. Almost all of us are getting older, but we should be striving to keep our bodies’ health ten calendar years younger,” states Frost. 

Frost’s session promises to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of pain management, offering a fresh perspective on how to live a fuller life despite chronic conditions. 

Frost encourages, "Live in the present, don't look back. Breathe - learn how to breathe." 

This advice, coupled with his practical tips and personal anecdotes, makes his class a must-attend for those seeking relief and understanding in their battle against chronic pain or wanting to learn more about individuals with chronic pain.

Apr 8, 2024

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