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Annie is taking her art digital

To bring her stories to life through images
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October's Opportunities: Fall into Learning and Empowerment

Discover more about Wellness, Tech Savviness, and Informed Healthcare Choices

Neurographic Art: What It Is and How to Practice It

Neurographic Art is a fusion of doodling and brain science. Discover its many benefits and how you can get started on this creative journey!

Crafting with Grandkids: 3 Easy Summer Crafts

Discover three easy summer crafts to do with your grandchildren and create lasting memories.

Collage Making: A Path to Transformative Creativity

Embrace the transformative power of collage making for enhanced well-being and creative fulfillment.
Learner Stories

Finding a Sense of Community and Connection Through GetSetUp

The Importance of Lifelong Learning for Retirees: A Look at Connie's Story

Get Creative! Drawing on the iPad

There are lots of drawing apps available for the iPad that are fun and easy to use for beginners or experienced artists alike.

Creative Crafting on a Budget: Using Recycled Materials

Crafting with recycled materials is a great way to express creativity while also making a positive impact on the environment.