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Capturing the Essence of Life: Mark Flowers' Journey from Photography to Paint

Explore FlowersÔÇÖ transformative artistic journey from narrative imagery to abstract expression, illustrating life's fluidity.

The Healing Garden: How Gardening Promotes Wellness

Discover how gardening promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellness, offering a holistic approach to health for older adults.

Why Art Matters: The Therapeutic Benefits of Creativity

Explore the therapeutic benefits of creativity and how art can improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being, especially for older adults.

Unleashing Creativity with Dr. Mary Lou Hightower: A Journey Through Art

Join Dr. Mary Lou Hightower in a transformative class that merges 50 years of art education experience with the healing power of creativity, offering a unique opportunity for self-expression and personal growth.
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December Delights: Overcoming Winter Blues, Holiday Celebrations, and Setting Goals with GetSetUp

Embrace Empowerment, Hospitableness, and Community this Festive Season
Community Stories

Mike's Aging Boldly, Following his Heart, and Unleashing Creativity

Mike, a talented GetSetUp Guide, has embraced the opportunities of aging with boldness, empowerment, curiosity, and unwavering hospitality.
Community Stories

Deana's Artistic Journey: Embracing Creativity, Empowering Learners, and Thriving in Her Second Act

Discover how GetSetUp Guide Deana is redefining aging through her love for art and a passion for teaching.
Monthly Campaigns

October's Opportunities: Fall into Learning and Empowerment

Discover more about Wellness, Tech Savviness, and Informed Healthcare Choices