Learner Stories

George's Continual Renaissance: From Coping to Thriving with GetSetUp

At 92, George discovered GetSetUp and embarked on a transformative journey, finding solace in meditation, unleashing creativity through art, and embracing healthier eating habits.
Learner Stories

Retirement Rediscovered: Darla's Journey of Self-Exploration with GetSetUp

Utilizing Lifelong Learning and Exploration To Positively Work Through Grief
Learner Stories

Thuy's Tech-Savvy Learning Adventure with GetSetUp

From Election Work to Gardening, Thuy Explores Lifelong Learning
Learner Stories

Marie's Eclectic Learning Adventure with GetSetUp: A Journey from Sci-Fi to Tai Chi

At 77, Marie Explores New Horizons with GetSetUp's Diverse Classes

Exploring Together: Essential Tips for Grandparents Traveling with Grandchildren

Traveling with grandchildren is a unique opportunity to build lasting bonds and create cherished memories that will stay with them long into the future. This adventure, however, comes with its unique set of challenges and joys. Understanding and addressing these challenges can make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for both grandparents and grandchildren.
Partner Stories

GetSetUp Winter Enrichment for Active Agers at Community Centers or Home

Enhancing Senior Engagement and Connectivity Through Statewide Collaborations
Learner Stories

Migdalia's Path to Health and Learning through GetSetUp and SilverSneakers

A Tale of Rediscovery, Learning, and Thriving in the Digital Age
GetSetUp Athlete

Ellen Jaffe Jones: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Stereotypes

Receives GetSetUp sponsorship for the National Senior Games for the Second Year In a Row