Jordan Evans

Learner Stories

“I spent Thanksgiving with a GetSetUp friend!”

Heath shares the holiday with a GetSetUp friend

Sarita’s Steamed Dumplings in Vegetable Curry

The recipe for Sarita's delicious Mangalorean steamed dumplings in vegetable curry.

“I spent Thanksgiving with a GetSetUp friend!”

Heath enjoys taking classes and making connections on GetSetUp.

3 Tips for Using Canva

This free graphic design software could be a game changer for your business

Social media shop basics

Social media shops can be daunting for small businesses. Here we tackle some basic methods of social media photography while attracting organic traffic.

Celebrate World Art Day with these classes

Art improves our physical and mental health while supporting meaningful connections with others.

Cold water swimming with Carina

Four years ago, Carina decided to live life to the fullest and try cold water swimming. Now she swims everyday and reaps the benefits.
Cooking & Nutrition

Strawberries: No Longer Just For Shortcake!

Discover new recipes and learn why these fruits are so good for you