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GetSetUp brings life to learning and connection for active agers through interactive classes, insightful articles, and immersive experiences. At the heart of our approach is peer-to-peer content creation, enhanced by AI technology and strategic partnerships, all dedicated to enriching the lives of our community.
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Our platform is flexible and customizable, delivering a full range of programs to reach older adult audiences where they are. We collaborate with our partners and support their older adult populations in one- on- one and small group settings. We are the preferred virtual learning solution for states and AAAs across the country.


Our Solutions

Education & Literacy

Branded virtual learning channels with custom class content taught live in multiple languages

Job Assistance

Reskilling, upskilling, 1:1 counseling services, skillset coaching, train-to-hire services, grant-aligned job training, including SCSEP

Social Connectedness

Community-led social platform for older adults to connect, share interests with peers, find support, and gain a sense of belonging

Device Activation & Training

Technical support to activate devices followed by an interactive curriculum for teaching basic technology

Hear What Our Government Partners Are Saying

Greg Olsen
Greg Olsen

Director of New York State Office of Aging

Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun
Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun

Michigan Governor Update on GetSetUp and it's impact on Older Adults

Partner Testimonials

“In our partnership with GetSetUp, we were able to offer older adults a robust online learning platform of virtual classes, and they also provided individual onboarding and training for seniors who were issued an iPad.”

Ericka Danczak

Ericka Danczak

Director, Aging & Veteran Services Orange County Community Services

“Continual learning is healthy for all of us. The internet is a part of everyday life. It’s important that older adults feel safe and comfortable online. The classes this program offers will help do just that.”

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark

Community Health Section Manager, Wyoming Department of Health Aging Division


Through our partnership with Tivity Health, parent company of SilverSneakers, nearly 62 Medicare Advantage plans offer access to GetSetUp mental enrichment activities to SilverSneakers members at no additional cost.


Our Solutions for Medicare

Supplemental Benefit

We create branded learning channels with our partners using our library of 4,500+ live classes and interest groups. Our library includes fitness, nutrition, skills development, mental health and entertainment classes all delivered live.

Health Literacy

Provide classes on Medicare, Health & Wellness, Plan Benefits and more. We can co-create custom classes in under 48 hours for our partners based on their plan objectives.

Reduce Loneliness

GetSetUp fosters connections among seniors through interactive classes, creating a vibrant community of learners. Our platform combats loneliness by encouraging shared experiences, discussions, and meaningful engagements in a supportive environment.

Digital Literacy

GetSetUp empowers healthcare plan members with digital literacy skills tailored for seniors. Through hands-on courses, members confidently navigate health platforms, optimizing benefits and ensuring proactive health management.


Media companies and publishers striving to captivate the 65+ demographic can greatly benefit from integrating GetSetUp content. Our tailored, senior-specific programming is not just informative but deeply resonant, addressing the unique interests and needs of older viewers. By embedding GetSetUp's enriching content, you're not only diversifying your offerings but also fostering a deeper sense of loyalty and connection with a demographic that values authenticity and relatability. Embrace GetSetUp and unlock a world of engagement and trust with your senior audience.


GetSetUp's sponsorship strategy aims to uniquely elevate brand visibility and product engagement for our clients by intertwining awareness campaigns with enriching educational experiences.

“GetSetUp is the perfect solution to provide engaging relevant content and an accessible platform designed specifically for seniors.”

Richard Ashworth

Former CEO, Tivity Health (Silver Sneakers)

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