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GetSetUp Winter Enrichment for Active Agers at Community Centers or Home

Enhancing Senior Engagement and Connectivity Through Statewide Collaborations
Business & Jobs

Organizing Your Affairs: The Importance, How-To Guide, and Essential Resources

In the fast-paced modern world, organizing your personal and family affairs isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a necessity. It can help save you and your loved ones a lot of work and hassle in the event of an emergency or other unanticipated event.
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November's Here to Empower: Honoring Caregivers, Preventing Fraud, Managing Diabetes, and Spreading Holiday Joy

In November, GetSetUp is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating caregivers, empowering against fraud, providing valuable insights for diabetes management, and spreading holiday joy. Join us in a month filled with compassion, empowerment, and celebration as we navigate this season of gratitude and giving.
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Transformative Learning in Retirement

Darlene Navigates Retirement with Curiosity
Learner Stories

Never Too Old to Learn: Ruth's Inspiring Story

From Isolation to Connection, Making Friends at 89
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October's Opportunities: Fall into Learning and Empowerment

Discover more about Wellness, Tech Savviness, and Informed Healthcare Choices
Monthly Campaigns

An August Full of Explorations that Lead to Wellness and Happiness

Cultivate well-being through an exploration of happiness