Learner Stories

How GetSetUp Revived 80-year-old CarolÔÇÖs Thirst for Learning and Connection

At 80, Carol from Detroit rediscovered her zeal for life, learning, and creativity through GetSetUp, shattering the confines of isolation and rekindling her passion for engagement and growth.
Learner Stories

Sandra's GetSetUp Journey Through Presbyterian Senior Services

Explore the inspiring journey of Sandra, a retiree from North Carolina whose life was transformed by GetSetUp.
Monthly Campaigns

June 2024 Campaigns: Enhance Your Well-being, Explore Your Creativity, and Participate in Your Community

This June, GetSetUp introduces a series of campaigns designed to improve your physical fitness, engage your creative spirit, increase your earnings, and inspire community involvement, guiding older adults through a journey of personal and social development.
Challenge YourSelf!

Unlock Better Balance: Join GetSetUp's Challenge!

Join the Better Balance challenge to help improve your health and prevent falls!
Monthly Campaigns

May Campaigns for Wellness, Creativity, and Empowerment

From enhancing physical flexibility to nurturing creativity in gardening, and from leveraging digital tools for financial management to empowering your civic engagement, May's campaigns at GetSetUp are designed to enrich your lifestyle and boost your empowerment.
Learner Stories

Debbie's Discovery: Embracing New Skills and Connections in Retirement with GetSetUp

After retiring and moving closer to family in Washington State, Debbie found joy and growth in baking and technology through GetSetUp

Capturing the Essence of Life: Mark Flowers' Journey from Photography to Paint

Explore FlowersÔÇÖ transformative artistic journey from narrative imagery to abstract expression, illustrating life's fluidity.

Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity: Emily Gold Mears' Blueprint for a Healthier Tomorrow

Transformative insights into leading a life fortified against chronic diseases