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Learner Stories

"I am inspired by old architecture. ItÔÇÖs incredible to think about howÔÇŽ."

Architecture has fascinated Phil for decades. Now, he brings his knowledge and skills to the table to educate others.
Digital Literacy

Stay Safe Online: A Quick Scam Awareness Quiz for Older Adults

This quiz is a valuable tool for older adults seeking to improve their awareness and defense against fraud and scams!

Deciphering Deepfakes: What They Are and Why They Matter

Explore the complex world of deepfakes, from their AI-driven creation to the societal impacts and detection strategies, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate this digital deception.

Winning or Losing? The Reality Behind Sweepstakes and Prize Scams

Learn how to identify and protect yourself from sweepstakes and prize scams, ensuring your financial safety against these deceptive schemes.

False Fame: How to Spot and Avoid Celebrity Impersonation Scams

Explore the rise of virtual celebrity impersonation scams on social media, uncovering the mechanics behind these frauds, their emotional and financial impacts, and practical tips for self-protection.

Mimicry and Money: The Rise of AI Voice Scams and Defense Strategies

Explore essential insights on AI voice scams, their mechanisms, impact, and protective measures to safeguard against this evolving cyber threat.

Check Fraud Alert: Protecting Yourself from Alteration Scams

Discover essential strategies to protect your finances from check alteration scams, a deceptive practice where criminals manipulate checks to steal money.
Financial Planning

The Grandparent Scam: Don't Fall Victim

Explore the evolution of the Grandparent Scam with the advancement of AI voice cloning technology, and learn strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from this sophisticated form of fraud.