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¬°Cuida tu cuerpo con Baile Latino!

Ejercitarte con baile es una gran manera de cuidar tu mente y tu cuerpo. Con el ritmo de la m√ļsica puedes descubrir maneras en las que tu cuerpo se mueve que nunca imaginar√≠as!¬†

10 Técnicas de Respiración Sencillas Para Reducir Estrés 

Respirar es algo que hacemos todos los d√≠as sin siquiera pensar en ello. Pero, ¬Ņsab√≠as que hay muchas formas diferentes de respirar y que cada una puede cambiar tu estado de √°nimo?

10 Estiramientos para Mejorar la Flexibilidad y el Balance 

La flexibilidad es clave para mantenerse activo en la adultez. Ayuda con el balance y a prevenir lesiones, así como también en la salud mental y corporal. Realizar un estiramiento diario es una gran manera de mejorar tu flexibilidad, además son ejercicios fáciles para realizar en la comodidad de tu hogar! 

The Secrets of the Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer

We all want to live a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. But what if there were places in the world where people lived longer than average? Places where they had access to healthy food and fresh water, but most importantly‚ÄĒa way of living that promoted longevity and good health? Well, there are such places!
Food & Nutrition

8 Foods to Eat When You Feel Anxious

The food you eat plays a huge role in your mood. Eating real, whole foods and avoiding processed foods can help ease anxiety, stress, and depression.

5 Breathing Exercises to Calm Your Body and Mind

If you're feeling stressed, the best thing you can do is take a few deep breaths.
Food & Nutrition

Top 7 Mood-Boosting Foods to Add in Your Diet

By replacing some of your unhealthy cravings with these nutritious alternatives, you’ll feel better physically and emotionally!

Important Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer

We all want to enjoy the warmer months, but how do you ensure you stay safe? Whether you're enjoying some rays in your garden or swimming in the ocean, sun exposure can be dangerous