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Meet Lee, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, who has discovered profound opportunities for personal growth and contribution as he embraces the process of aging. With a day job in the technology field, Lee is no stranger to the world of online interactions and training. He finds joy in facilitating GetSetUp classes, sharing his knowledge, and connecting with learners, all while pursuing his passions beyond the confines of his career.

“GetSetUp has presented me with different conversations. When you are talking to people you can let them know there is a place for older people to get help with activities like tech, travel, and more. People love the idea that there is a place for older people to go for support.”

At 63 years old, Lee finds himself at an interesting crossroads, one that combines his professional life with his personal passions. He leverages his expertise in technology, particularly platforms like Zoom, to conduct training sessions and classes. This role allows him to bridge the physical gap between learners, providing them with valuable insights and support in a digital space.

Lee's passion is most evident when he discusses a class close to his heart: "Getting Your Affairs in Order." This class, a testament to Lee's commitment, has undergone multiple iterations, with each update addressing evolving needs. It now stands as a comprehensive resource for learners, offering guidance on organizing important life matters.

"I don't know how many times I have taught it, close to a thousand times," Lee shares, highlighting the dedication he pours into ensuring the content remains relevant. “And it’s always a little different.”

The class, now in its sixth iteration, covers various aspects of organizing important documents, including medical resumes. Lee's passion for this class lies in its potential to help individuals and families organize their affairs efficiently.

He believes strongly in the power of knowledge sharing, often passing the document to others who find it invaluable. It serves as a resource for those seeking guidance on managing important aspects of their lives. Lee's commitment to sharing such valuable resources epitomizes the spirit of giving back that guides his journey.

Lee's boldness shines through his willingness to step out of his comfort zone, especially in relation to teaching. Despite his initial reluctance, he took on the challenge of teaching a class on Medicare, one of the most complex subjects he's encountered. His motivation came from the realization that many around him, including friends and family members, needed this knowledge.

"It goes against my grain of learning," Lee admits, reflecting on the difficulty of the subject. “It is the most difficult subject I have ever encountered in my life, so it really challenged me and it's a really valuable subject to know because people really need it, so I’m glad I've done it. The more I talk about it and teach it, the more I also learn from other people of its nuances.”

Nevertheless, he recognized its significance, pushing himself to delve deep into this complex topic. The experience has been transformative, both personally and professionally. Lee's willingness to face this challenge reflects his dedication to lifelong learning.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Lee's journey is his role as a caregiver. He and his wife have taken on the role of caregivers for four of their parents, demonstrating immense love and responsibility. This task involves providing care, managing medical issues, and navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. Lee's compassion extends to the hired caregivers themselves, ensuring they feel supported with essentials like food, masks, and gloves.

Lee dedicates time to self-improvement to empower himself. His busy schedule doesn't deter him from reading, researching, and staying active. He credits his physical transformation to an exceptional local teacher (his neighbor) who specializes in exercise and has noticed significant improvements in both physical and mental well-being.

Lee's curiosity extends to pressing societal issues, particularly behavioral health. He recognizes the growing concerns related to mental health, exacerbated by factors like isolation and the impact of social media. Lee believes that society often brushes these issues under the rug, and he is eager to contribute to meaningful solutions.

As Lee navigates aging, he values the wisdom that comes with it. He has become more patient, tolerant, and observant, recognizing the power of understanding and empathy. Lee's journey is a testament to the endless possibilities that come with age, showcasing how embracing new challenges and continuously learning can be a source of fulfillment.

“I always wondered what wisdom looks like but I think you get more patient and tolerant. Some people spout out of their mouths quicker - they think they earn the right - I don’t think that. I prefer to stand back and watch and be more patient and tolerant of people.” 

GetSetUp has played a pivotal role in Lee's journey by providing a platform for him to share his expertise and connect with learners. It fosters an environment of mutual learning, where both Guide and Learner benefit. Lee believes that the power of GetSetUp lies in its ability to facilitate knowledge exchange among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

“I think that the power of GetSetUp, that you don’t get anywhere else, is that we learn from other people. Every time I do a class, I learn from the learners, and I feel like I get more out of it than they do, and that’s the fun part for me. What drives people to stay as Guides is that we are still learning, and it's fun. There is still something we can give back to the learners, and we get a lot in return.” 

Lee values GetSetUp as a valuable resource for older adults seeking to thrive in their later years and loves to be part of a company that is constantly learning and growing to adapt to their audience.

Nov 17, 2023
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