Learner Stories

Debbie's Discovery: Embracing New Skills and Connections in Retirement with GetSetUp

After retiring and moving closer to family in Washington State, Debbie found joy and growth in baking and technology through GetSetUp
Challenge YourSelf!

Revitalize Your Health: Dive Into the Eat the Rainbow Challenge with GetSetUp!

Embrace the Colors of Nutrition to Boost Your Well-being and Combat Chronic Conditions
Monthly Campaigns

April Campaigns for Empowerment and Growth

From Enhancing Health to Capturing Moments and Making Smart Financial Choices, April's Campaigns Offer a Wealth of Opportunities for Personal Development

Winter's Best Kept Secrets: 8 Reasons to Visit National Parks

Learn about the unique beauty and opportunities of national parks in the colder months, providing compelling reasons to explore these natural wonders during winter.
Monthly Campaigns

"Pathways to Possibilities" - Your Journey to a Fulfilling 2024 Starts with GetSetUp!

Embrace a Year of Learning, Growing, and Thriving with Our Exciting New Campaigns
Monthly Campaigns

December Delights: Overcoming Winter Blues, Holiday Celebrations, and Setting Goals with GetSetUp

Embrace Empowerment, Hospitableness, and Community this Festive Season
Community Stories

Mike's Aging Boldly, Following his Heart, and Unleashing Creativity

Mike, a talented GetSetUp Guide, has embraced the opportunities of aging with boldness, empowerment, curiosity, and unwavering hospitality.
Community Stories

Deana's Artistic Journey: Embracing Creativity, Empowering Learners, and Thriving in Her Second Act

Discover how GetSetUp Guide Deana is redefining aging through her love for art and a passion for teaching.