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Yanira's journey through life is a testament to the boundless opportunities throughout life. With roots in Venezuela and a 20-year corporate career in the United States, Colombia and Venezuela, Yanira's transformational path has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Her journey led her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she joined Turner, a media giant that included CNN. This was a pivotal moment in her career, and it opened doors to exciting opportunities. However, as time passed, Yanira felt a calling to make a profound impact on people's lives, even though she didn't yet know how.

In 2013, the universe sent her a friend who introduced her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). This serendipitous encounter led Yanira to embark on a journey to become a certified wellness coach in 2015. Recognizing the power of education, she subsequently pursued a master's degree in health coaching, further deepening her expertise.

Yanira's bold spirit came to the fore in 2020 when she established her own company. Her goal was clear: to help people lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. She created evergreen courses, particularly focusing on women's health, and ventured into the world of podcasting in 2023. However, life presented its share of challenges, including a divorce in 2021, which prompted her return to Atlanta from Colombia, where she had relocated as an expat previously for work for 12 years.

“I’ve found my purpose in empowering others and helping to guide them to live healthier lives. And the more I help people the more I feel the universe is helping me fulfill my purpose. I’ve seen magic in my life since I decided to quit my corporate job and focus on helping others.”

The past year has brought Yanira to GetSetUp, where she has been teaching classes and she also volunteers locally with older adults while continuing her work as a wellness coach. She has expanded her reach to offer wellness training at major corporations such as Fox Factory and Coca-Cola, all while building her business.

“I love and am passionate about what I do. GetSetUp has given me the opportunity to work on believing in myself. I know that I have a superpower to guide people on their journey to better health and I am ready to use it in every class I teach.”

Yanira's passion for what she does shines through every aspect of her life. She is an advocate for holistic well-being and practices what she preaches. Exercising, meditation, and gratitude rituals form the cornerstone of her daily routine.

“The more I age, the more I do things to grow as a human being and be a better person. I have better relationships and am more open to them. I’m more assertive not only with other people but with myself. I used to be a people pleaser, but as I age, I listen to myself more. - I’m wiser.” 

What sets Yanira apart is her authenticity. She believes that personal growth is the result of facing adversity with courage and embracing the opportunity to learn. With each challenge she has encountered, she has emerged as a stronger, happier individual. Today, she approaches life fearlessly, confident in her ability to overcome any obstacle.

“I am more authentic now than I ever was. I think everything around my life is about personal growth, and people grow through adversity. I’m eager to grow in every situation, and I'm not afraid anymore. When I look into my past, I see I’m such an amazing woman and every time I thought I would fall - I fell -  but I stood up happier and stronger.” 

Yanira's hospitable nature extends to her GetSetUp classes, where she warmly welcomes and thanks every participant. Her home is always open to friends and those seeking a cozy, inviting space. Even while living alone, she ensures her home is a place of warmth and hospitality.

Yanira's mission revolves around empowerment. She firmly believes that self-love is essential, and she strives to help others cultivate it. Her journey has been shaped by her purpose of guiding and impacting people's lives positively. 

 "When you believe and respect your purpose, the universe conspires to help you."

GetSetUp has been instrumental in Yanira's journey. It has allowed her to create diverse classes and continuously learn about the unique needs of older adults. Every class she teaches is a two-way street, where she imparts knowledge and gains insights from her learners.

“GetSetUp’s made me more creative in setting up my classes uniquely and in some ways a better person. For each class, I research and dive into it. I start to practice what I teach, and it makes me a better person whether it’s a more organized fridge, wardrobe, or better sleep - I learn a lot.” 

Yanira's curiosity is boundless. This commitment to lifelong learning extends to her role at GetSetUp. She strives to offer the best possible classes to her learners and has a deep appreciation for the stories and experiences shared during sessions. She recognizes the need to adapt her teaching based on her learners, demonstrating her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her others’ success.

Yanira's driving force is her desire to serve others and inspire them to live fuller, happier lives. Her belief that life doesn't happen to us but for us resonates through every aspect of her life. She yearns to share her positive energy and see others experience the same happiness and contentment she feels.

“In the end, I want to serve and give people my energy. Life doesn't happen to us but happens for us so we can grow and learn, and if I can touch people and they can feel happy and content - then I can feel I have fulfilled my purpose.”

Nov 22, 2023
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