Key Takeaways:

Ty stays pain-free with Kundalini yoga, and enjoys more of the things he loves.

“My friend who is 70 and extremely healthy introduced me to Kundalini yoga. He taught me that you don't have to act older just because you are older; there’s no need to. Just be who you are. Then he introduced me to his friends who are in their 60s and 70s and still enjoying life a great deal. It inspired me and gave me hope."

This contagious appreciation for life drew Ty towards Kundalini. After a few months of practicing, Ty was shocked. 

“My sciatica caused me pain for many years, and I accepted it as something that would not heal. However, about six months into Kundalini my sciatica pain stopped and never came back. The people I was practicing with explained that this benefit is pretty common because every time you do a life nerve stretch, you stretch that sciatica. Eventually, it gives way. I haven't experienced sciatica pain in 10 years.”

Ty, who was already a yoga instructor, attained his certification in Kundalini to begin teaching the practice. “It’s therapeutic and you can do it even if you’re 110 years old. The focus on the nervous system opens up blocks and massages your organs. It looks silly but it's so effective.” 

One of Ty’s favorite places to teach yoga is at Worldcon. Every year, Ty and his buddies at Worldcon vote for Hugos, listen to their favorite authors, and attend classes about different Sci-Fi topics. Unfortunately, last year the event was held virtually. But, Ty is crossing his fingers that this year he can travel to Washington DC to attend and teach yoga at Worldcon in person. 

Practice yoga with Ty using the link below:

This feature is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Jordan Evans, a student at Florida State University. 

May 19, 2022
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