Key Takeaways:

  1. Tailored digital skills classes significantly improve job prospects and economic development for older adults.
  2. Success stories from GetSetUp learners demonstrate real-world economic upliftment.
  3. Collaboration with SCSEP and other partners amplifies the impact on economic opportunities.

In an era where technological fluency is not just an advantage but a necessity, GetSetUp strives to empower older adults. Our platform, dedicated to closing the digital divide, has become a pivotal player in promoting economic development through digital literacy and skills training. By tailoring our educational offerings to meet the unique needs of older learners, we've witnessed firsthand the profound impact that digital skills can have on enhancing job prospects and driving economic growth. 

GetSetUp services align directly with the economic opportunities highlighted in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA)’s Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program, a $1.44 billion investment in digital inclusion. GetSetUp classes help older adults learn and gain confidence on the digital tools promoted in the NTIA’s efforts to bridge the digital divide through internet for all and efforts to promote broadband from all. 

Bridging the Digital Divide

The journey at GetSetUp begins with understanding the barriers older adults face in today’s digital-centric job market. Our courses are designed to break down these barriers, offering hands-on, practical training that translates into real-world applications. From "From Novice to Tech Savvy: Computer Skills for Beginners" to "Sharing & Collaborating with Google Tools," our curriculum is crafted to empower learners with the skills needed to navigate and succeed in the modern economy.

Beverly, an Oregon-based SCSEP learner, said,

“I love the classes, the variety, and how interactive they are with direct connection with the instructor. You can participate with your phone or laptop, which is very convenient, and afterward, I get emails with class notes with invaluable links.”

Partnerships that Drive Change

Our efforts to enhance economic opportunities are bolstered by strategic collaborations with organizations like the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and various Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). These partnerships have been instrumental in extending our reach and impact, allowing us to tailor our offerings to the evolving needs of the workforce and ensuring that our classes address the most in-demand skills.

"At Easterseals we saw a significant change in how our mature jobseekers embrace technology pre and post-pandemic. Much of our success has been instrumental to the training support from partners like GetSetUp. In addition to the skill-building courses, the added value of classes in other areas, which cultivated a sense of belonging and community connectedness in a time when many seniors were isolated. On behalf of Easterseals SCSEP, we appreciate our partnership!" Crystal Odom-McKinney, National Director of the Senior Community Service Employment Program at Easterseals.

Through our collaboration with Easterseals, GetSetUp provided specialized training for seniors interested in re-entering the workforce. As a result, participants not only gained confidence in their digital abilities but also secured employment opportunities previously thought out of reach.

The true measure of GetSetUp’s impact lies in the success stories of our learners. Veron, a Chicago-based SCESP Learner, said,

"Through SCSEP, I can take all these classes for free to cover everything that you can imagine about business. These classes put me in the position to open my business."

Similarly, MaryBeth, a New York learner, said,

“I took a Gmail class as my company had just moved over to Gmail, and it armed me with the skills to utilize that system to its fullest potential... Trying to learn on my own was hard, but now I feel totally proficient.”

Classes Tailored for Economic Empowerment

The digital economy is here to stay, and with it, the need for continuous learning and adaptation. GetSetUp is committed to ensuring that older adults are not left behind, offering a pathway to economic empowerment through digital literacy. 

Our classes are more than just lessons; they are opportunities for growth, connection, and reinvention to help older adults stay current with the latest technologies and software needed to remain active in the workforce. 

We invite older adults, partners, and communities to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can turn the digital divide into digital opportunities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, can participate fully in our digital world.

Apr 15, 2024
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