Key Takeaways:

  1. Digital literacy is essential for accessing and managing health and wellness services online.
  2. Learner testimonials reveal how digital classes have facilitated better health management.
  3. Partnerships with health plans and Medicare Advantage enhance relevant and impactful health and wellness learning.

In an age where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, access to health and mental wellness resources online has become increasingly pivotal. At GetSetUp, we're dedicated to ensuring older adults aren't just spectators in this digital revolution but active participants who can leverage technology to enhance their well-being. Through our catalog of health-oriented classes, we've witnessed the transformative impact digital literacy can have on accessing and managing health and wellness, culminating in a healthier, more informed community.

GetSetUp services align directly with the Health and Mental Wellness programs highlighted in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA)’s Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program, a $1.44 billion investment in digital inclusion. GetSetUp classes utilize digital technology to help older adults stay healthier in line with the NTIA’s efforts to bridge the digital divide through internet for all and efforts to promote broadband from all. 

The Vital Role of Digital Literacy in Health

The first step to empowerment is understanding the crucial role digital literacy plays in health management. In today’s world, many health resources, from appointment bookings to telehealth services, are primarily accessed online. However, this shift presupposes a level of digital literacy that many older adults may not have. Recognizing this gap, GetSetUp has curated specific classes aimed at demystifying the digital aspects of health management. 

Our classes, such as "Telehealth - How to Have a Virtual Visit with Your Doctor" and "Sharing & Collaborating with Google Tools," are meticulously designed to bridge this gap. Classes like these offer step-by-step guides to accessing and utilizing telehealth services and digital health tools and ensure that older adults can consult with their healthcare providers from the comfort and safety of their homes. Other classes introduce learners to various apps and online platforms that can aid in health monitoring, fitness, and nutrition, empowering users to take charge of their health. Plus, additional classes are offered on fitness, health and wellness, socialization, and mental health to ensure overall health and wellness. 

The real testament to our program's efficacy lies in the stories of our learners whose health and wellness are impacted by our classes.  

“A year ago, I got on Medicare. It was the best thing I did, going from my employer's healthcare to Medicare because GetSetUp was part of SilverSneakers,” said Julia, a SilverSneakers Learner. 

Similarly SilverSneakers Learner Judy said,

"I feel like I most benefit mentally from the classes. They are keeping my mind sharp, and the relaxation techniques are helping me stay in the moment and be more mindful. It's great to learn new techniques to stay calm and alleviate stress.”

Meditation has also helped Nicki beyond her day-to-day life to manage her health and wellness by helping her stay calm in stressful situations like MRIs.

“The annoying noisy MRI sounds of an hour and a half were replaced by the ocean and the waves, which put me into a calming meditative state. This proved to me that meditation definitely works. It’s all mindset, and you really have to use that part of your brain to your advantage,” 

said Nicki, a Sacramento Area Agency on Aging Learner. 

They also address social health through interactivity and health,

"Classes improve my mood, even if I’m not signing up for them to learn a specific skill. The classes lift my spirits through engaging with the community and the great chitchats. The emotional and mental aspects are always great,” Connie, a learner from Michigan, says.

Furthermore, nutrition classes have helped older adults to improve their overall health,

"I have changed some of the ways that I eat since the Guide told me certain things about Alzheimer's and dementia. I never knew they were one and the same, just different levels. I'm more mindful of the things I put in my body now, so I stay healthier. As you age, the body changes and requires different things with a different balance.” said Diane, a California Library learner. 

Collaborative Efforts for Comprehensive Learning

Our impact is amplified through collaborations with 30+ Medicare Advantage Plans and Tivity Health. These partnerships enable us to refine our classes continuously, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful. By working together with experts in health, we ensure that our classes offer not just theoretical knowledge but practical, actionable insights that can make a tangible difference in our learners' lives.

As we continue to navigate the digital age, the importance of online health resources only grows. GetSetUp is here to guide active agers through this journey and ensure they have the skills and confidence to manage their health online effectively. Our classes are more than just educational—they're offering active agers the tools to live a healthier, happier life.

Apr 15, 2024
Digital Literacy

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