Key Takeaways:

  1. Streamlined Scheduling: The new "My Home" dashboard simplifies viewing and managing class schedules, and launching classes directly.
  2. Progress Tracking: Users can now monitor their wellness activities and class participation, celebrating personal growth and engagement.
  3. Enhanced Learning Experience: Detailed class descriptions, informative guide profiles, and learner reviews provide deeper insights into classes and teaching styles.

At GetSetUp we are constantly learning with our learners. We pride ourselves on having a team and community passionate about lifelong learning!

Part of learning comes from utilizing feedback to create effective change. To help learn and improve we went directly to the best source for this information - our learners.

We have heard our community’s feedback, listened, and have new GetSetUp features to share with you!

Starting Monday, March 8th, we have used your insights to add a lot of benefits to our new look. Here are the top three new features that are directly in response to learner feedback.

Easily find your schedule with GetSetUp “My Home”

Learners want to get right to their schedule and see their upcoming classes. Now we have made it easy to do just that. First you will need to log in to GetSetUp or create an account. Once you do this, you will find your very own “My Home” page where you can easily book and launch classes. Here you can also find more ways to learn and connect and easily keep track of your classes.

Log in to GetSetUp and go to your “My Home” personal dashboard to:

  • See what classes you have coming up that you have already booked.
  • Launch classes directly from your schedule, instead of searching in your emails for links.
  • Browse new classes and add them to your personal schedule.
  • Track the past classes you have taken

Take control of your wellness

With every class on GetSetUp, you are learning new skills, discussing common interests and engaging with the community. All of which is leading to a more active, connected lifestyle. We want to help you celebrate your progress! Now from your logged in “My Home” page, you can track your wellness minutes, the classes taken, and your activities.

Learn about your Guide and classes

Our latest class description cards help you to know more about classes before you take them. Learn what will be covered in each class, goals, and any tools you may need to prepare

Best of all, learn about who will be guiding the class. We heard from our learners that they want to know about the Guides leading the class including their background and skills. Now you can read all about the Guide before you take the class. Understand who will be teaching you, a bit about their qualifications, and their key skills.

Plus when you find a Guide whose classes you enjoy you can easily see what other classes they teach. You can follow Guides whose teaching style you enjoy and learn from them about other fun topics.

Also understand class policies including how to participate, cancelation policies, how to communicate with your guide, and how to engage with other learners during classes.

Finally, see reviews from previous learners. Hear what peers thought about the class and see their star ratings and comments to help you determine if this is a class you want to take.

Need help with any of these tools or want to learn more? You can always contact our amazing learner support team. Our great learner support hasn’t changed. In fact Marv is even running a special class with tips and tricks for the new website. Sign up for this event to make sure you know how to make the most of all the new learner tools!

Join a Tips and Tricks Class To Learn All About Our New Features

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May 20, 2022
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