Key Takeaways:

  1. Rediscovered her passion for painting, exploring various techniques and styles, from watercolors and acrylics to zentangles.
  2. Found relaxation and stress relief through engaging in art classes, which contributed positively to her mental health.
  3. Connecting with fellow learners and instructors developed her sense of community and support, making her feel recognized and valued.

Minnesotan Marietta, having recently turned 65, ventured into retirement with a desire to fill her days with meaningful and enriching activities. 

"I’m retired, and I have had some physical challenges over the last couple of years," she reflects, expressing her eagerness to dive into new hobbies. Her exploration led her to 

GetSetUp through SilverSneakers, where she discovered a platform teeming with opportunities beyond traditional fitness classes.

The Art of Learning and Connecting

Among the many offerings, it was Deana's art classes that truly captured Marietta's interest, even though she hadn’t done art since she was in high school. 

"The majority of the classes I have taken have been Deana’s classes. She offers a nice variety of fun art projects," Marietta recalls with enthusiasm. 

From learning about different artists to experimenting with zentangles, each class was a door to a new world of creativity. Marietta appreciates not just the variety but the inclusive aspect of classes where people of all different artistic abilities are welcomed. 

"Classes are fun because you get to see what other people have done even though we all had the same prompt, and they turn out so different as people put together the parts in their unique way," she adds. 

She appreciates that people can participate at the level that makes them feel most comfortable, either silently watching, or participating on video, or even speaking and sharing their artwork. The space welcomes a variety of people catering to their different abilities. 

Building a Community Through Creativity

For Marietta, GetSetUp has become more than a learning platform; it's a community where she feels seen and heard. 

"It’s nice to have Deana say ‘Hi, Marietta,’ when I come to class. The classes offer a nice community and personalization," she shares, highlighting the personalized attention and recognition she receives from instructors.

This sense of belonging extends to fellow learners, with whom she enjoys sharing her work and supporting each other's creative journeys. "It’s very communal," Marietta adds, emphasizing the camaraderie and encouragement prevalent in the classes.

She’s found this not only in the art classes but also in some of the trivia and brain game classes, where there is a healthy competition that is supportive. 

“I live by myself and I do still get out to see friends and other classes, but it's nice to interact with people sharing art or seeing the same people in trivia classes. You get to interact with and get to know people in a way, even if you don’t sit and chat with them in person. They are supportive, and you have fun together. It’s very communal,” she adds.  

She enjoys this level of getting to know who is in the class and the interaction compared to fitness classes that often don’t allow for that type of interaction. 

Beyond the Canvas

Marietta's testimonial underscores the profound impact GetSetUp has had on her life, far beyond developing artistic skills. The platform has offered her a way to manage stress, engage in meaningful social interactions, and rediscover her passion for painting, all contributing to her overall well-being. 

"GetSetUp has absolutely helped my health and wellness benefits by helping me relax and destress," she notes, appreciating the holistic benefits of her GetSetUp experience.

For anyone over 60 looking to explore new interests, reconnect with old hobbies, or simply find a community, Marietta wholeheartedly recommends GetSetUp. 

"There is a really good variety of classes, for me, the art resonates the most, but GetSetUp has such an amazing variety," she encourages, inviting others to explore the rich offerings of GetSetUp.

Through GetSetUp, Marietta has not only enhanced her artistic abilities but has also found joy, community, and a renewed sense of purpose in retirement.

May 3, 2024
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