Key Takeaways:

  1. Debbie leveraged GetSetUp to explore baking and transform bad weather days into opportunities for culinary creativity.
  2. Through focused and age-appropriate classes, Debbie expanded her technological skills.
  3. GetSetUp's flexibility and accessibility provide Debbie with valuable learning experiences.

Debbie, a retired elder law attorney, recently relocated to Washington state to be closer to her son and grandchild.

 "Retirement is great, and I get to do what I want to do instead of getting up early and dealing with other people's problems," Debbie shared, reflecting on her transition to retirement. 

Her journey with GetSetUp began through SilverSneakers, introducing her to a world of classes tailored to her interests and pace. Plus, she’s thrilled to find out that in her new home state of Washington, there is a statewide partnership with GetSetUp for older residents.


Culinary Adventures and Technological Exploration

One of Debbie's first classes on GetSetUp was baking, sparked by the desire to stay active indoors during Washington's rainy season. 

"I baked my first cake, and it came out okay; practice makes perfect," she recounted with enthusiasm. 

This newfound passion for baking was not just about the cakes and banana bread; it was about sharing these creations with her sister and grandson, turning each baking session into a family affair.

Her exploration didn't stop at baking. Debbie ventured into technology classes, aiming to master her iPad and computer skills further. 

"I just took a class on iPad basics, and the Guide mentioned that there are some more complex classes on the iPad that I want to take," Debbie said, highlighting her eagerness to delve deeper into the digital world. This willingness to learn and adapt showcases the broad spectrum of GetSetUp's offerings, from culinary arts to technology.

The GetSetUp Difference

What sets GetSetUp apart for Debbie is the GetSetUp platform's focus and accessibility. 

"I have taken other classes where the instructor just talked too much about things that don't really zero in on what I was there to learn," Debbie observed, appreciating the concise and relevant content of GetSetUp classes. 

The platform's design facilitates easy navigation and selection of classes, whether one's interest lies in travel, health, or hobbies. Debbie also highlighted the importance of live and on-demand classes, which offer flexibility to learners with busy schedules. 

"GetSetUp is free through SilverSneakers, which is a big plus, and you can take it live or later if you miss the class schedule," she explained, underscoring the value of GetSetUp's accommodating nature for retirees like herself.

Looking Forward

As Debbie continues to embrace her retirement with GetSetUp, she looks forward to exploring more classes, especially those focused on health and well-being. 

"My ability to bake and cook certainly has improved," she said, also expressing excitement about upcoming fitness classes tailored to her age group. She appreciates that the fitness classes are geared toward people her age, and she feels good about being able to do the activities in the classes with peers. 

“I really appreciate that classes are geared to people in my age brackets, so they don’t talk too fast or use terms that are too technical that those of us over 65 won’t understand. It’s important to feel comfortable in a class.”

Through GetSetUp, she has not only acquired new skills but also found a supportive environment that resonates with her lifestyle and learning preferences.

"I think it's a great resource, and I'm happy to have access to it," Debbie concluded, echoing the sentiments of many who have found joy and growth through GetSetUp.
Apr 5, 2024
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