Key Takeaways:

  1. Mary Anne conquered new technologies, breaking stereotypes about aging and learning, and found joy in the convenience of online classes.
  2. Through GetSetUp, she tapped into her creative side and discovered new hobbies, enriching her retirement years with fulfilling activities.
  3. She found a sense of belonging and community, overcoming isolation and connecting with people around the world, enhancing her mental well-being.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Pittsburgh, Mary Anne discovered a gateway to endless possibilities when she stumbled upon GetSetUp, courtesy of her SilverSneakers membership through her Humana health plan. At the age of 71, Mary Anne thought SilverSneakers only offered gym classes but was tickled to find they focus on holistic health that she could take advantage of in retirement. Mary Anne found knowledge and excitement in GetSetUp's virtual sessions. 

The first class that sparked her interest was in October 2023 when she discovered SilverSneakers offers GetSetUp benefits. 

"I don't have a guitar, but I thought, why not?" she reminisced about her first class, showcasing her fearless attitude towards learning.

Embracing Technology with Open Arms

In the past, she worked in a company with an IT professional who managed the technology, so in retirement, she realized she needed to keep up more with the digital age. Mary Anne embodies the spirit of lifelong learning. She actively seeks to learn more about technology and keep up to date not only with her devices but also with other apps and technology.

"Nothing frustrates me more than hearing people my age saying that they can't do it because they don't want to learn," she stated.

She believes that it can be easy to slip into oblivion if you aren't actively pursuing learning about technology and keeping up with it.

GetSetUp became her digital haven, offering technology classes that kept her up-to-date and "office hours" for that all-too-necessary technical support, where learners can go in and ask their questions directly to the Guide. Mary Anne often found that the questions asked were not necessarily super technical, but sometimes a quick review was needed. Through these classes, Mary Anne has not only refined her tech skills but has become the go-to IT person for her boyfriend, helping to bridge the gap between his Android questions and her iPhone, thanks to GetSetUp’s technology classes. She's also improved her computer skills to help keep it healthy and tools to help her stay digitally organized through apps, folders, and photo organization.

Dancing Through Life

Beyond technology on GetSetUp, Mary Anne loves to go out dancing to stay social. She describes her style as having a "bar room" dancing flair with her partner's ballroom elegance. Together, they hit the dance floor, take road trips, and go on a couple of cruises a year. 

GetSetUp’s convenience, with classes starting and ending punctually or offering replays later, allows Mary Anne to integrate learning seamlessly into her life, further enriching her already active lifestyle both outside and inside her home. This accessibility ensures that learning never stops, and Mary Anne can continue dancing, learning, and growing at times that work best for her.

A Beacon of Community and Mental Wellness

Perhaps the most significant impact of GetSetUp on Mary Anne's life has been the sense of community and mental stimulation it provides. 

"It's important to keep the brain working," Mary Anne shared, highlighting the cognitive benefits of learning new skills and engaging with new ideas for overall health and wellness.

Through tech classes, creative explorations, and even the unexpected delights of classes like "The Golden Bachelor Discussion Group" that her boyfriend enjoyed, Mary Anne has found a rhythm to her days that keeps her mind active, her spirits high, and her sense of purpose thriving. 

Mary Anne's journey with GetSetUp shows the importance of lifelong learning and staying connected in a world. From mastering the latest gadgets to exploring travel destinations virtually in her living room and connecting with friends around the globe, Mary Anne has embraced the adventures that GetSetUp offers with open arms as she pursues knowledge and community, leading to a fuller, more vibrant life.

“I love GetSetUp so much and haven't found anything wrong with it. It is easy to use, and everything has been good!” 
May 6, 2024
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