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Anne, a retired outside sales professional, was looking for ways to stay active and engaged after her retirement. She stumbled upon GetSetUp about a year and a half ago through an article in her local newspaper. As a resident in the area covered by the Senior Connection Center, she was able to take advantage of the free classes offered through the funding provided by Tampa Funding Group.

 Anne immediately started exploring the wide variety of classes available on GetSetUp, and she found a few favorites that she kept returning to. 

"I enjoy GetSetUp. I like Yoga the most because I need to exercise," Anne said. "I also liked the cooking classes, especially the Italian cooking classes, that were done by a woman living in Italy. I loved those." 

She learned how to make tortellini in one of those classes, which she had fun testing out with her husband during the pandemic.  

“I’ve learned a little bit about nutrition and how your body works. The Guides always tell you why you're doing what you're doing in the exercise classes, and I really like that. That has helped me learn things I didn’t know I didn’t know.”

Anne enjoys attending all the diverse exercise classes whenever she can fit them into her schedule. She found the classes especially helpful during the pandemic when she stopped going to the gym due to concerns about cleanliness protocols. Since then, she’s put effort into a regular exercise routine and eating healthy. 

"I already started losing weight, and I'm doing Noom. So far, it's worked for me," she said. "GetSetUp classes have helped me have better yoga form. I go to at least three classes a week, and that is really good."

Classes For Mental Enrichment

Anne also appreciates the wide range of classes available on GetSetUp, from art to food. She has even taken some classes outside of her comfort zone, such as Pam's art museum classes, and has learned something new from them. 

"I did learn a couple of things from Russ about traveling overseas, and I have learned a few things to help me do that, and I used those when planning my trip to France this April," Anne shared.

Anne believes that GetSetUp is a valuable resource for seniors who want to stay connected and engaged. 

"Older people need to communicate and have interaction. GetSetUp Guides are all really positive and fun. That creates an inspiring environment," Anne said. 

She appreciates the positive and fun attitudes of the instructors and the valuable knowledge she has gained from the classes

Through GetSetUp, Anne has found a new world of opportunities to learn and stay engaged. She believes that it has helped her stay healthier and more connected, especially during the pandemic.

"During COVID, I stopped going to my gym. They still have had no protocol for cleaning and their group exercise schedule has changed, so now I have no reason to go to the gym," Anne said. 

Anne prefers to take classes at 4:30 pm on GetSetUp instead of waiting to take the only available class in person at her gym. She is able to find GetSetUp’s classes that are available around the clock and allow her to create a schedule that works best for her. She’s even enjoyed taking some of Pilar’s exercise classes in Spanish, even though she doesn’t speak Spanish. She finds it easy to follow the moves. 

"I'm lucky I don't have to work. I'm way over retirement age. Now I can spend my time volunteering and getting together with friends."

For Anne, GetSetUp has been an essential tool in her retirement and has allowed her to continue learning and growing even as she ages. She’s learning new skills that help her in life and with her volunteering. She encourages others to give it a try and see the benefits for themselves. 

As she puts it, "It's something new, and what's important is that you keep learning and stay connected."

Jul 28, 2023
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