Key Takeaways:

Linda of Classes Offered in Aston feels like a different person than she did a year ago, thanks in part to her participation in the GetSetUp Startup Accelerator program. She was one of the winners getting $2500 in prize money to invest in her business. 

"It has been wonderful. I just adore the support I have gotten from GetSetUp. They have been so awesome."

Over the past five months, she has had weekly mentoring sessions with the GetSetUp marketing team, learning how to create Facebook ads. And she's getting a lot of leads when prospective students submit their email address, telephone number, name, and their best time to have sewing classes.

She took a GetSetUp Canva class and learned how to make her own Facebook graphics with the tagline she developed in the Startup Accelerator program, "Modern Home Ec Teacher."

She's also incorporating email marketing into her business plan and learned how to make an email template in a GetSetUp class. 

"I don't have to rewrite the same information every time I send an email. It's been a learning curve, but I'm happy to be able to compose my response to them in a professional manner that is pleasing to both parties."

She’s also improved her Google My Business page resulting in increased reviews,

"On my Google My Business page, I have 16 new positive reviews. That has been so helpful because people trust somebody with that many reviews. They realize that the business is legitimate, and it makes them comfortable."

She's also active on and Wyzant and has gotten quite a bit of business through them. And the best part is, they do the advertising for her.

Her hard work has paid off—her monthly profits and the number of students she has per week have doubled since last year!

"My original plan was to get three new students a week. And I've way exceeded that. I have not changed my prices since the pandemic, and this is the best year I've had. I'm just so excited about it. I am a different kind of excited than I was last year. It's amazing to be 74 years old and this excited when I get up in the morning. I have a pep in my step!"

She's already started her holiday marketing.

"On Facebook, I have posted a Black Friday deal for my current students. I am going to give them a free class when they sign up for their next package. I'm showing them new projects they can work on, like a fabric message board."

Her enthusiasm for her business has carried over into other areas of her life.

"I'm trying to be healthier. So I love the fitness classes on GetSetUp. I'm motivated to do more things from a physical standpoint. I've got a little mini trampoline in my living room, and I exercise on it in the morning, thanks to GetSetUp. I don't know what else I'll learn in the next six months, but I know I'll learn something."

She believes older people need to share their knowledge with others. She encourages anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur to take the plunge.

"We're not getting any younger. What have you got to lose? If you are promoting something that you genuinely feel other people should know about, then you're doing what you're supposed to."

Read more about the Startup Accelerator program and explore GetSetUp business classes. Maybe you'll be inspired to apply for the next Startup Accelerator program coming in 2023!

Nov 15, 2022
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