Key Takeaways:

  • Slanguage is a type of slang used in texting that can be fun and interesting, but sometimes difficult to understand.
  • Slanguage has its own grammar rules and vocabulary, and a glossary of common terms can help you get started.
  • Slanguage is here to stay and will continue to be a part of our culture for years to come.

language, or text language, is a type of slang used in texting. It's characterized by shortened words and phrases that are usually only one syllable long. The use of slang in written communication can be fun and interesting, but at times it can be difficult to understand.

If you've ever been confused by texting lingo, then this article is for you! Here's how to crack slanguage so you can start using it yourself.

Glossary of Slanguage:

Slanguage is used for quick, easy, and short message exchanges. It's also a way to express yourself in an informal manner, as opposed to regular language.

It has developed into a full-blown language with its own grammar rules and vocabulary!

Here is a glossary of common used slanguage terms to get you started:

YGTI – you get the idea

IMO – in my opinion

GOAT – greatest of all time

IRL – in real life

IDK – I don’t know

MFEO – made for each other

YOLO – you only live once

BFF – best friends forever

TBH – to be honest

FOMO – fear of missing out

OMG – oh my gosh

LMK – let me know

INTH – It’s not that hard

ACDI – anyone can do it                           

OTOH – on the other hand

B4N –  bye for now

TTYL - talk to you later

IMO, you're now an expert in text lingo! Have fun texting, and TTYL!

Slanguage (texting lingo) isn’t going anywhere. It’s ingrained in our culture and will continue to be for years to come. We hope this post helped you crack some common slanguage term!

Aug 8, 2022