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Dorothy, who attends GetSetUp classes courtesy of the City of Oakland Aging and Adult Services, is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to helping others. She holds a Master's and Th.D. from Sacramento Theological Seminary & Bible College. After a long career with the city of Oakland, including working for the port and directing a senior center, Dorothy moved to Las Vegas and worked at a crisis intervention and behavioral health clinic. Just before the pandemic, she was asked to return to Oakland as an annuitant.

In her semi-retirement, Dorothy stays busy volunteering for a radio broadcast called Cup of Grace, teaching a Zoom Bible study, and playing piano at her church. She also takes advantage of the classes offered by GetSetUp. 

"I found out about GetSetUp from a co-worker in Oakland who was promoting GetSetUp for the City of Oakland senior centers and the ASSETS Program, which is a subsidized job training program for low-income Oakland residents over 55. She was raving about it and suggested I check it out. I liked it so much that I became a group leader for six months in the group Navigating Through Life Transitions. 

Navigating Life's Transitions

Most of us that have retired find ourselves in the transition. What do I do next? Some returned to work or found another occupation, some people decided to stay home, and for others, it wasn't a choice. Among the many classes offered on GetSetUp, are those that help individuals wanting to return to the workforce and even become entrepreneurs. When the right opportunity knocks, open the door! I believe healthy creativity and loving opportunity are survival twins you always want to have. "

As a mother of three grown children and an "adopted" mother to a dozen more, Dorothy has plenty of experience navigating life transitions and understands the importance of acceptance and compassion in difficult times. This is what led her to become a group discussion leader at GetSetUp, where she encourages open and empathetic discussions with people from all over the United States and even other parts of the world.

"You can access GetSetUp anywhere. That's the beauty of it. And also it's designed for seniors. There's something about the connection with your own peers that's important for mental stability and for your mental health."

Dorothy has particularly enjoyed classes on moving abroad, living with chronic pain, and financial planning in retirement. She emphasizes the importance of being open to learning about and understanding people who are different from ourselves and encourages her group members to embrace all-inclusive, multicultural settings. 

"GetSetUp classes have helped me so much in my own personal journey. It's been wonderful to be able to connect with others who are going through similar experiences and to learn from their stories and insights. The classes have also given me access to experts and valuable information that has helped me make informed decisions about my own life."

Dorothy has found the inclusive, multicultural atmosphere of GetSetUp classes to be particularly welcoming and enriching. She enjoys the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to hear different perspectives on life's challenges. She has also appreciated the chance to give back to others by sharing her own experiences and insights as a group discussion leader.

Overall, Dorothy believes that the GetSetUp community has been an invaluable resource for her as she navigates life's transitions. Whether she's sharing her own story or learning from the experiences of others, she has found the classes and discussions to be a source of support, inspiration, and growth.

"Even the name‚ÄďGetSetUp‚Äď welcomes seniors into a brighter future. It propels us to look forward."
Jan 15, 2023
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