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At GetSetUp we believe that every stage of life is an opportunity for growth, learning, and connection. With this in mind, we have curated three impactful July campaigns that revolve around some of our core values focused on our main values: be empowering, be curious, and be hospitable.

We’re thrilled to announce this lineup of exciting classes that will empower, inspire, and foster inclusivity within our vibrant community. Each campaign aims to enhance various aspects of our lives, empowering us to grow more as individuals. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of personal growth, exploration, and connection.

Active Aging - Stay active and inspired 

As we move into the summer in many parts of the world we want to empower our community to stay physically active and are bringing inspirational athletes to our platform. We invite you to be inspired and empowered to start your own journey as you learn the stories and follow the  incredible achievements of exceptional older athletes participating in the National Senior Games through our GetSetUp Athletes series. GetSetUp is sponsoring 13 exceptional athletes on their journey to compete in the National Senior Games. See how these elite athletes get motivated, train, and continue to follow their athletic passions. Be empowered and inspired by GetSetUp Athletes at the National Senior Games.

Explore Your Curiosity - Stay mentally active and keep learning

Curiosity is the spark that ignites lifelong learning. Travel to exotic lands and learn new recipes to help satisfy your curiosity. Our engaging GetSetUp Around the World classes take you to a new US and international destination every month.   These sessions keep your mind sharp, engaged, and constantly growing with rich new knowledge. This month, we will explore Washington DC and Brazil. Plus it’s Culinary Appreciation Month  so in addition to our cuisine from our travel destinations be sure to check out other exciting and delicious recipes. Nurture your mind and body this summer. 

Expand Inclusivity - Connect Digitally

Inclusivity is essential to allowing everyone to participate in our communities.  As part of Disability Pride Month we are offering sessions  that shed light on how technology can empower those with disabilities. GetSetUp is constantly striving towards more inclusive virtual communities as we help to bridge the digital divide so technology understanding is not a barrier.. Help foster  community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued with classes focused on : Disability Pride Month.


These are just a few of our newest sessions, which offer a glimpse into the vibrant world of learning and healthy aging that await you on GetSetUp.  Join the fun this July and embrace an empowering and enriching month with GetSetUp. Stay active, nurture your curiosity, and rejoice in an inclusive, hospitable community together. Explore all our captivating series and embark on a transformative path of lifelong learning and personal growth.

Jul 1, 2023
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