Key Takeaways:

Why Hire Older Adults?

“The most critical and widespread challenge facing businesses today is the ability to hire qualified workers for open jobs they need to fill.” - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Key Questions

  1. How can we empower older job seekers to build the bridge between skills they have and skills that are needed in today's workplace through reskilling and upskilling?
  2. How can we provide job opportunity equity for older adults with varying levels of access to connectivity and training?
  3. How do we create equity in aging by helping people overcome a fear of technology?
  4. How can we elevate the hiring of experienced workers 55+ in corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs?

The Challenge

  1. Ageism
  2. Need to upskill and reskill
  3. Require more flexibility to meet aging changes
  4. Looking for work that is purposeful

"At Easterseals we saw a significant change in how our mature jobseekers embrace technology pre and post-pandemic. Much of our success has been instrumental to the training support from partners like GetSetUp. In addition to the skill-building courses the added value of classes in other areas, which cultivated a sense of belonging and community connectedness in a time when many seniors were isolated. On behalf of Easterseals SCSEP we appreciate our partnership!"

- Crystal Odom-McKinney, National Director of the Senior Community Service Employment Program at Easterseals

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Aug 14, 2022

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