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GetSetUp has become a shining light in the life of Diane, a California-based writer, coach, and disability advocate. Thanks to the partnership with the California Libraries, she has been able to access a range of GetSetUp classes for free, including those on personal development, health and wellness, and technology to help her business.

Diane has always been an avid learner. She has two degrees, one in social work and another in communication. As a communication graduate with an emphasis on journalism from La Verne University, she worked for many newspapers and community newspapers. She even wrote for her church's newsletter. Plus, she has written two books, including The Invisible Child, which highlights the unique challenges she faced parenting with a disability, and Angels in Action: Stories to Inspire which speaks to inspirational stories. She continues to work as a writer for various publications and publishes material on her blog.

Diane was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her early 40s, which limited her movements. Not long after her diagnosis, her husband left, and she started raising her 2 young daughters on her own. Together Diane and her daughters faced these struggles as a family. Diane and her children even started a business to help the children of medically compromised parents. Her daughters have since grown up and moved on to other business opportunities.

Now Diane has her own business as a personal and professional coach. This role combines her unique skills as a social worker for over two decades before her diagnosis and her communication work.

A Lifelong Passion for Learning

Diane's passion for learning is not limited to her professional pursuits.

"The LaVerne library is one of my best friends, and they sent me the information about GetSetUp. When I saw all these classes, I was excited to learn how to use technology. Because of my physical situation, most of my work is done online, and I have a lot to learn about technology."

She is also a regular participant in the GetSetUp classes on personal development, wellness, and business.

Diane signed up for the 2022 Startup accelerator program to help her enhance her business.

“My business wasn’t chosen in the Startup Accelerator program, but I was able to take all the classes, which were fantastic. Guide Kevin is a gold mine of information. He’s so brilliant but brought business and technology down to our level since most of us didn’t know much about technology. He was very patient with us.”

Diane got to know everyone in the startup accelerator classes to some degree and learned how to give a presentation and enhance her Zoom skills. 

“Kevin was very motivational. I told him I was scared to do the presentation and wouldn’t be good. And he reminded me that no one is good at starting out, but if you do it anyways then you have room for improvement. Even if I wasn’t picked as a business winner, these classes helped me improve my online coaching business.”

One of the standout features of GetSetUp for Diane is the quality of the instructors.

"Since joining GetSetUp, I have learned quite a bit about Zoom, and now I can do the basics. I like that I can repeat the classes and see others repeating them too. I was a repeat student. I could learn a little bit, then practice a bit, and then come back and ask questions."

Repeating classes helps Diane learn more effectively and build her confidence.

Beyond Business to Overall Health and Wellness

Diane has also found GetSetUp to be an excellent resource for her health and wellness. She loves the fitness and brain health classes.

"It’s great to do physical exercise for the brain where you get to move and think at the same time. Sometimes thinking about one thing and moving a left leg, while working the brain muscle to think of something else. These classes are really good, and I enjoy the instructor."

Diane likes doing fitness classes when they work best for her in her schedule.

Additionally, Jennifer's classes on health and dementia have been very informative for Diane.

"I have changed some of the ways that I eat since the Guide told me certain things about Alzheimer's and dementia. I never knew they were one and the same, just different levels. I'm more mindful of the things I put in my body now, so I stay healthier. As you age, the body changes and requires different things with a different balance. You might have eaten a whole cake in the past, and now you can just have a slice."

Diane has also enjoyed classes on decluttering and organizing one’s life. She is keen to learn more about writing and books and explore more GetSetUp topics.

"I spend most of my days reading and writing. In between, I'm on GetSetUp when I see classes that I like," she says.

Diane feels that GetSetUp has made a significant difference in her life, and she is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

Apr 6, 2023
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