Key Takeaways:

The Challenge for Orange County

1. Combat social isolation

2. Create equity in aging

3. Activate and train on devices

4. Bridge distance, access & diverse circumstances

5. Offer a safe place to learn and explore new technology

Orange County's Innovative Solution

Orange County partnered with GetSetUp to activate older adult residents and members on their tablets or personal smartphones and computers through 1-1 onboarding followed by classes on device training and how to safely and effectively use the internet.

All older adults were provided with a safe and empowering virtual community to learn and practice technology skills. Plus they had access to classes to learn about health and wellness, fitness, explore their hobbies, and much more.

The Approach

Ensure all 2,200 individuals with new iPads know how to use their iPad and provide them with a safe environment to socialize and continue to learn in a two pronged approach.

Get them using it!

GetSetUp Team calls all iPad recipients:

- Ensure they understand how to use the iPad

- If they do not know how to use it - Set up an appointment for a 1:1 training

- Tell them about GetSetUp classes and encourage additional digital enrichment

Get them learning!

- Help older adults connect using their technology so they can start learning

- Create a safe environment where older Orange County residents can learn with peers

- Offer social participation while aging in place

- Enjoy live and interactive enrichment on health and wellness topics

‚ÄúOrange County‚Äôs senior technology program was truly a collaborative effort made possible by support from the Senior Citizen‚Äôs Advisory Council, the Board of Supervisors, our Office on Aging and OC Information Technology teams, and last but not least, our partners at GetSetUp. Not only were we able to offer older adults a robust online learning platform of virtual classes, but GetSetUp also provided individual onboarding and training for seniors who were issued an iPad. Regular communication and check-in meetings to monitor progress toward project goals kept the senior technology program on track and more older adults connected and engaged,‚ÄĚ

said Ericka Danczak Director, Aging and Veterans Services, Orange County Community Services.

Jul 29, 2022
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