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Gail has found a community that she can take anywhere with her. It's accessible and adaptable as it continues to empower and teach older adults how to pursue their passions. Gail's used classes to learn to make invitations, host events, and continue her volunteer work!

Gail first heard about GetSetUp through announcements on Facebook highlighting the partnership between the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and GetSetUp. This partnership gives older adults in Michigan access to free live interactive online classes on health and well-being, technology, personal enrichment, and much more!

Thanks to classes on GetSetup Gail has been able to connect with those she loves despite the pandemic.

“I was able to throw a successful baby shower for my daughter the other weekend using information from the Zoom host and Kahoot! classes I’ve taken at GetSetUp. It was such fun!”

She has also used Canva to create Zoom backgrounds, invitations, and other fun images for hosting her small group Zoom events like her book club. Now, she’s signed up  for some more advanced Canva classes.

“I love Canva it’s just so easy to use and looks so professional.”

Zoom helps connect across ages, states, and helps eliminate borders

Zoom classes have really helped her to connect during the pandemic. Her family is scattered across the US with children in Texas and Massachusetts, a brother in Arizona, a sister in California and a 95-year-old mother across the state of Michigan from her. Thanks to GetSetUp she can stay connected to all of them.

“The class on Zoom has so much pertinent information and has been a lifesaver. I have learned a lot and I just love it.”

Her mom lives in an independent living residency and thanks to the information Gail shared on what she learned she was able to learn how to use Zoom as well.

Gail started with a Zoom class right before Christmas. She wanted to have a Christmas event, even if her family couldn't get together. That's when she got the exciting news from her daughter and son-in-law. Gail was going to be a grandma! The  announcement and gender reveal (Christmas tree lights were blue) were both on Zoom.

Gail's also shared the benefits of GetSetUp services with her church. Plus she has taken and shared the classes on online resources to teach children online with other mentors like herself. Most of them have not gotten to go back to in-person volunteer mentoring activities they were doing before COVID-19.

Gail found these classes insightful for gaining ideas on sites that are safe to use with children. Plus they share fun programs like Kahoot, jeopardy labs, YouTube kids, and more which she can use to mentor.

“One of the things I love about the classes is they are always being updated. The guides bring the latest information as well as information or ideas  from previous class participants to future classes so if you take it again later, it is included and updated.”

Classes have helped Gail to enhance her abilities on Zoom by learning how to preset up pages so others can see and hear what she wants to share on Zoom and how to do so. Currently, she’s working to enhance her skills at annotating on Zoom.

“I have been having a blast in the classes. I’ve done strengths finder and learning is my top strength. GetSetUp has helped me feed that and stay young during the pandemic. I checked the other day and I think I’ve taken 46 classes."

Surviving and thriving on GetSetUp!

Gail is a courageous Michigan survivor of throat cancer. She had to have her lower jaw replaced and her tongue fused through her treatment. This makes enunciation almost impossible and can make it difficult for many older people to understand her via the phone. This means having the benefit of chatting in GetSetUp classes is essential for her to share her insights and participate in many of the classes.

“I don't tend to talk on Zoom very often, especially if I don't know the host. I know Scott and Deb can understand me, so sometimes I talk in those classes. However, I use the chat a lot.”

She finds the classes are a great resource as she can get recordings after that are helpful reminders of all the information presented. That way if she missed something she can watch again to learn.

“It is great having the ability through GetSetUp to ask questions as you think of them. I love that. Sometimes someone else’s question makes me think deeper and ask additional questions myself."

GetSetUp has given her a chance to really pursue passions like photography with Scott’s classes. The tips have been helpful and she’s especially liking submitting and hearing feedback of the photos (including hers) in the photo challenge.

“For me, it has been wonderful since I have had downtime and really missing some of my face to face socializing.  It’s cold in the winter in MI and a little too  chilly to spend much time socializing outdoors.”

Since her husband is working all day it’s nice for her to be able to connect with others during his work day.

“It's fun to talk to people all over the world. One class I took yesterday had someone in the class from India. Another time it was 10:30 PM here and one of my Guides was in Australia and it was morning there!”

While she hasn’t participated in interest groups yet she thinks they are important for the community.

“I think it's a great option especially for anyone living by themselves just to be able to talk to other humans and see them.”

Plus another benefit she has seen in addition to international classes is the fact that full classes like some exercise classes are live streamed on GetSetUp TV. That way if an exercise class that Gail wants to take with Stacy is full she can still participate through GetSetUp TV.

GetSetUp is a community that Gail can take with her anywhere.  This is important as she plans to head to Houston to help with her soon-to-be arriving grandson. So whether she’s home or traveling she doesn’t have to miss out on fun brain games, or learning something new. She can participate in the GetSetUp community with her favorite Guides and friends from anywhere.

Join Gail to explore what you can learn and create to share with others through the GetSetUp classes and community!

Feb 27, 2023

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