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For National Selfie Day learn 10 great selfies to take and how to take a great selfie. Then if you need to learn more join a class on great selfie-taking with older adult peers on GetSetUp to learn how to take a selfie like a pro!

Without the smartphone and social media, the classic selfie might not exist. While self-portraits have been around since artists first started painting them, the fun-filled selfies of social media are a modern trend. So trendy in fact, that the word was added to the Oxford Dictionary:

“selfie: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.”

While not everyone loves taking selfies, perhaps this National Selfie Day you might want to give it a "shot" and experiment with your first or millionth selfie and see where this silly holiday takes you.

Infographic explaining how to take a great selfie.

Why should you take a selfie?

  • No one is around you to take a picture of you and a cool background.
  • To send a reminder of you to a friend or loved one
  • To capture something funny that has happened to you
  • To make sure you don’t have any food stuck in your teeth
  • To highlight a great hair day or outfit!

10 ideas for fabulous selfies

1. Car - Take a picture of yourself with your car or someone else’s car (this works great next to a Ferrari or other unique car)

2. Pet  - Take a picture with your most beloved pet!

3. Foodie - Share a picture of you with exotic food or a delicious dish you just cooked up!

4. Glamour  - Share the perfect picture of a favorite outfit or a really good hair day with others!

5. Bestie  - Take a picture of you with your best friend and share with the world!

6. Gym  - Make sure everyone knows you went to the gym or got in your exercise today with a gym selfie.

7. Travel  - Take a picture to highlight an exotic vacation.

8. Baby  - There have been a lot of babies born during COVID-19 so make sure when you get to see that brand new baby you get a selfie with them!

9. Family - Capture moments with the whole gang.

10. While the hardest selfie to get, if you happen to see a celebrity be sure to snap a selfie with them!

Need more inspiration for great selfies? Join a class on great selfie-taking with older adult peers on GetSetUp. Our Guide Scott will be sure that you learn how to take a selfie like a pro!

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