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After one class Lois made a photo book for her mom. “I felt so good and so proud that I could do this task and just from this one class!” Another class allowed her to make cards, cups, and t-shirts. What can you do with a class?

Lois has been using GetSetUp since she first found it in August thanks to a friend's indication. You can read more about her thoughts in the very first GetSetUp Ambassador Profile.

Lois hasn’t stopped learning since then. In November she signed up for the creating photo books online class.

“One of the reasons I took the class was because of my mom’s 90th birthday. When she turned 90, four years ago, we threw her a huge 90th surprise birthday party. Family and friends came from all over the country. The one thing I fail to do was hiring a photographer.  I later requested and received pictures from many of the attendees that took pictures on their phones. I always wanted to design a photo book, I just never wanted or had the time to sit down and learn on my own.”

After taking the class, Lois was inspired. She gathered her images and took them to Snapfish. Her mother still talked about that party years later and how fun it had been to see all her friends, she had been so excited.

“I thought it would be a nice memory to have a photo book. After I took the class I realized I could do this. It never dawned on me that I can actually design a photo book on my own.”

She designed the book herself picking the different pictures to highlight the invitations, menu, party favors, and of course all the friends and family! She was even able to get the book finished and delivered before Christmas. She was impressed as well at the quality of the book. Plus her mom loved it!

“Mom has this book in her room and it sits up vertical, so anyone that comes in can see the book! I am really proud of it and I look at the way mom looks and enjoys the photo book. Mom talks about it to her friends on the phone. The photo book gives her the chance to look back on the fun party.”

Creating Photo Books Online

Printing cards she designed herself!

Inspired by her work on her photobook Lois also took creating cards on Canva class. She was tired of the poor quality holiday cards she could get at the store.

“People don't send cards out like they used to during the holidays. Now you can’t find quality cards.”

Canva has a number of free templates and with these and the class that Lois took on GetSetUp, she realized.

“I can make my own quality cards! I can design them how I want and choose the wording. That’s what I love about it. They were cards that were simple as I wanted to first test the app, from my test  I knew what I could do more in depth things.”

Even though there is a paid premium part of Canva, Lois found that the free one worked fine and had thousands of templates to choose from. Plus she still got a great product. She ordered them directly from the site but she liked that you can actually download the card you create and print it from your own printer if you prefer.

Create Your Own Cards!

Pride in accomplishing something new

“I felt so good and so proud that I could do this task and just from this one class!”

Lois sent out holiday cards to friends and family and Christmas cards to her sorority sisters. She said that everyone complimented how the cards turned out!

“I just had a great time with it and I was able to do something that I didn’t think that I could do.”

Best of all Lois really enjoyed working with Canva and designing her holiday cards.

“After the class, one night I sat down with my GetSetUp Canva notes and some of the tutorials on the site. Even if you forgot something, you can look it up and still do a design.”

She didn’t stop there though she decided to see if she could design more things. Many members of her family and friends have birthdays in January so she set out to design a birthday card as well.

“All my family and friends will get a birthday card I made!”

Considering all the fun designs she was exploring she decided on a whim to branch out from cards and try her hand at products. She made a birthday cup for her daughter-in-law and a t-shirt for her daughter’s birthday.

“I thought to try this. I wasn’t sure it was going to work or not. I did choose to purchase the items I designed because I wanted to see the end product. The products are good and very professionally done!”

Lois is thrilled with her abilities to not only make cards but birthday gifts on Canva. She’s creating designs and quotes that she downloads and sends as messages to friends and family as well all for free! (Physical products are paid for, but all the designs she can download totally free!)

The great thing that Lois has enjoyed most about GetSetUp classes is that she can download class notes from the classes and if necessary re-take classes again to refresh her memory.

“I made sure to keep all the notes for the classes. Sometimes I will go back read over and see what I need to do from certain classes. The class notes are essential. I downloaded  all my class notes to a folder.”

Then as Lois comes back to see fellow peers in classes she has a good time catching up with them and sharing some of her accomplishments.  

“Everyone has been super positive, especially when I show the products and explain what I’ve done. GetSetUp is a great program that provides socialization with learning new or enhanced skills-it really is. I love the program and what GetSetUp is doing for our specific community!”

Interested in seeing what you can do with a Canva or Photo book class like Lois?

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May 23, 2022

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