Key Takeaways:

1. Look at Their Face

  • Does the expression seem a bit off? Maybe the smile doesn't match the eyes, or the movements seem jerky.
  • Check if the skin looks too smooth or just doesn't seem right for their age.

2. Lighting and Shadows

  • Are the shadows on the face matching the rest of the scene? If the light's coming from the left, but their face is lit from the right, that's a red flag.

3. Does the Voice Sound Right?

  • Listen to how they talk. Does it sound like them? And do the lips move in sync with the words?

4. Look Out for Odd Glitches

  • Keep an eye out for any strange blips in the video, especially around the face.
  • Sometimes, the video might warp a bit, which isn't normal.

5. What's Going on in the Background?

  • Is the background consistent, or does something feel out of place?
  • Think about the situation in the video. Does it make sense?

6. Double-Check the Facts

  • If you're unsure, look it up on reliable news sites. Don't rush to believe everything you see.

7. Be Careful with Shocking Videos

  • If a video seems designed to get a strong reaction, take a step back and think before you believe it.

8. Trust Your Gut

  • If something feels fishy, it probably is. When in doubt, hold off on sharing or acting on it until you're sure.


Jan 25, 2024
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