Key Takeaways:

  1. Practical lifestyle changes that significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases, emphasizing the control we have over our health and aging process.
  2. Distilled complex medical research into accessible, actionable strategies for enhancing daily wellness.
  3. A guide to health rooted in optimism, highlighting sleep, gut health, and movement as pillars for achieving a vibrant, extended life.

Emily Gold Mears' professional pivot from practicing law to immersing herself in health, science, and longevity is not just a career change but a passionate mission to enhance lives. 

"I used to be a lawyer, but I have always loved science and research," Emily begins, sharing her decade-long journey of attending conferences and expanding her knowledge in the health and longevity fields. 

Her dedication to science was sparked by the personal loss of her father, who passed due to dementia and other vascular issues. Her experiences observing his care helped her realize that conventional healthcare often overlooks the importance of lifestyle and environment in disease prevention.

The Power of Lifestyle Choices

In her upcoming Guest Speaking session, "Wellness Warriors: Conquering Chronic Conditions," Emily aims to illuminate the significant impact of lifestyle choices on our health. With chronic diseases being multifactorial yet majorly influenced by lifestyle and environment, Emily brings good news:

"Most of our health and wellness is lifestyle and environment, which is excellent news because we have some control over this. Only about 10-20% is based on genetics alone. That means we can control how we age and the state of our health. I find that positive, hopeful, and optimistic. If people can learn these things, they will live better and longer." 

Her book, “Optimizing Your Health: An Approachable Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease,” encapsulates this ethos, offering readers 19 chapters filled with actionable advice on sleep, gut health, activity, and so much more.

A Blueprint for Optimizing Health

Mears' commitment to translating dense medical science into tangible, everyday practices makes her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their health trajectory. 

"I’m a maniacal researcher, and I read many science and medical newsletters as well as clinical studies. I’m passionate about the field," she explains. She wants people to feel empowered to become their own healthcare advocates. By focusing on free and accessible strategies like improving sleep quality, nurturing gut health, and incorporating movement into daily routines, Emily provides a hopeful and optimistic blueprint for aging well.

"I have learned valuable information about optimizing one's health through my research, and much of it is hidden deep in scientific studies," she reveals, positioning her session as a critical opportunity for learners to access groundbreaking health optimization strategies. 

Her message is clear: small, incremental lifestyle changes can have a profound impact on well-being. 

"Start small," Emily advises, encouraging attendees to take manageable steps toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

Three Small Places to Start For Better Longevity

Emily highlights how even small steps can create long-lasting and important impacts in our longevity. While her book covers many different areas to improve on she’s offered three places for learners to get started. 

  1. Sleep is critical. As people age, this can get harder to do, and at different stages in our lives, often times we don’t prioritize sleep. However, it is important to have not just quality but length. There are simple and free things people can do to help them sleep better, from making the room dark to having a regular schedule and no screen time before bed. 
  2. Gut microbiome affects your wellness. Dysbiotic imbalance of the gut not only impacts your gut but also your brain and the rest of your body. A healthy gut is extremely important to heal anything and can even help reduce stress. 
  3. Make sure you move. Movement is essential to healthy aging, and it doesn’t have to be in the form of a sport. It can be gardening, parking the car farther away at the store, walking more, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 
“Little things that don't cost anything add up to improvement,” says Emily, and all these little improvements can also help you manage stress which is also important. 

Emily didn’t start out knowing it all. She did a lot of research and realized that she needed to change her own lifestyle 180 degrees, so has put into practice the insights in her book. 

“Lifelong learning is critically important. I spent a long time educating myself about the brain and found that as long as you continue to learn, you lay down new neuropathways, which helps you age better. Plus, learning is exciting and gives a sense of purpose if you are following your passions.”

Emily Gold Mears' session, "Wellness Warriors: Conquering Chronic Conditions," promises to be an enlightening experience, offering practical advice and encouragement for those seeking to enhance their health journey from a citizen scientist. 

Mar 26, 2024

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