Key Takeaways:

  • Finding remote job opportunities has become easier with platforms like Flexjobs, We Work Remotely, Skip the Drive, Power to Fly, and Virtual Vocations.
  • Flexjobs offers a wide range of remote job listings across various industries and allows for filtering by location and type of position.
  • Platforms like We Work Remotely, Upwork, Skip the Drive, Power to Fly, and Virtual Vocations provide opportunities for remote work in different fields, including tech, design, administration, and freelancing.

inding and getting a remote job is easier than ever thanks to sites like Flexjobs, We Work Remotely, and Skip the Drive.

Remote work has become more popular in recent years, with many companies preferring - or requiring - their employees to work from home. Here are some tops sites to find remote work that pays well:

Flexjobs offers jobs that are 100 percent remote.

Flexjobs offers jobs that are 100% remote, meaning you can work from anywhere. You might be able to find something here if you're looking for a full-time or part-time gig.

Flexjobs has its own job board, but it also has partnerships with other job boards so that you can see any new listings on one site‚ÄĒas well as filter them by location and type of position (part time vs. full time). It also offers a wide range of roles in many different industries: accounting and finance; aerospace engineering; education; healthcare; nonprofit management; marketing communications; software development; plus more!

We Work Remotely is a job board for remote jobs.

We Work Remotely is a job board for remote jobs, meaning you can use it to find opportunities in your industry and location. The site has more than 50 categories of work and has an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). The FAQs include topics such as what kind of equipment you'll need, how to establish your own freelance business, and how to deal with the legal aspects of being self-employed. There's also a list of resources for remote workers that includes podcasts, books, software tools and much more!

Upwork is a site where you can find clients who need help with remote work.

Upwork has thousands of clients from all over the world who need virtual assistants to help them with their businesses. And they’re willing to pay good rates for it!

This means that if you have skills in certain areas, like copywriting or programming or design, then Upwork could be a great opportunity for you to make money working remotely on the things that you’re already good at doing.

Skip the Drive has thousands of work-from-home job listings.

Skip the Drive is a great site to search for remote jobs. You can find thousands of listings on their site, and they're constantly updating their database with new positions. Skip the Drive focuses on finding you full-time or part-time work-from-home jobs that don't require any specific skills or experience.

Power to Fly is a place you can find jobs in tech, design, and other fields.

Power to Fly is a place you can find jobs in tech, design, and other fields. They connect women in tech with employers and have a bunch of remote jobs, including positions for older adults.

Virtual Vocations is a great place to find remote work for administrative positions.

VirtualVocations offers a job board with a large number of remote positions and an extensive blog that's full of articles about how to find remote work. The site also hosts a career center where you can get advice about your resume, cover letters, and interview skills; as well as access to their directory of virtual employment sites with listings from companies that hire remotely.

The future is remote, as more and more companies look outside of the office to hire top talent.

If you are in search of a remote job, we hope you try some of these great options. For more help searching for a remote job, check out our class: How to Find Volunteer & Remote Job Opportunities.

Jul 15, 2022
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