Key Takeaways:

  1. GetSetUp has become Darla's sanctuary for self-discovery and growth.
  2. The diverse range of classes on fitness, mindfulness, and hobbies have enriched Darla's life post-retirement.
  3. Through GetSetUp, Darla has found a supportive network that encourages her to pursue her passions and interests.

From the picturesque community of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Darla, a 64-year-old retiree, shares her transformative experience with GetSetUp. Having spent decades dedicated to her family and career, retirement ushered in a period of introspection and exploration for Darla.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Retirement for Darla wasn't just about leaving the workforce; it was an opportunity for personal reinvention. 

"After my husband unexpectedly passed away, I found myself at a crossroads, seeking new opportunities for growth to help me navigate my grief," Darla shares. 

For the first time in 44 years, Darla  was faced with the challenge of rediscovering herself. GetSetUp provided opportunities to learn and grow, enabling her to find new ways to enjoy life again. 

“These explorations have helped my grieving process by adding positivity and hope for a brighter future. I’m making a conscious effort to eliminate the self-imposed boundaries I’ve placed on myself over the years in order to find happiness and inner peace.” 

Discovering GetSetUp

Darla's journey with GetSetUp began through her local senior center, Highlands Ranch Senior Center, and its partnership with GetSetUp. When she went to the senior center, she was given information about the GetSetUp platform. A believer in lifelong learning and with time available for community engagement that she never had before, Darla decided to give it a try. 

"GetSetUp came into my life at the perfect time. It offered me the flexibility to pursue my interests and connect with others, all from the comfort of my home," Darla reflects.

Finance classes by Philip and Lee have helped Darla gain knowledge about what she needs to understand regarding Social Security and Medicare as she approaches her 65th birthday.

 “I’m organizing my life in preparation for some higher-level decisions that need to be made. These classes have alleviated many of the concerns I had related to these necessary decisions and I am now planning for them accordingly.”

A Haven for Growth and Wellness

For Darla, GetSetUp has become a haven for wellness and personal development. From fitness classes like Tai Chi with Ty to mindfulness sessions with Bern, she has found solace and rejuvenation in each session. 

"The variety of classes offered by GetSetUp is truly remarkable. Whether I'm looking to break a sweat, searching for inner peace, or challenging myself with a new hobby, there's always something for me," she says. 

She enjoys being able to experiment with exercise classes in the privacy of her own home. There are a lot of options for various activity levels and Darla adjusts her classes based on how she feels. She has really enjoyed Guide Pilar’s indoor walking classes on days she can’t get outside. 

“I’m a pretty healthy person, but I  have typical joint issues, so I’m learning to address this by moving more and stretching. It’s about changing my mindset. I have learned that I don’t need to overly exert myself like I did when I was younger. I simply need to move more everyday and do light or moderate exercise. Getting my heart rate up and maintaining flexibility makes a world of difference in how I feel on a daily basis.”

Exploring New Hobbies and Skills

One of the highlights of Darla's journey with GetSetUp has been exploring new hobbies and skills. From watercolor painting classes with Deana to meditation sessions with instructors from around the world, she has discovered a newfound passion for creative expression and self-discovery. 

"GetSetUp has reignited my curiosity and inspired me to try new things. I never imagined I'd find joy in painting or meditation, but here I am, embracing every moment," Darla remarks. 

She recently traveled to Italy, which has since inspired her to start cooking with fresh ingredients. She’s discovered many cooking classes on GetSetUp that have been helpful to this part of her journey. Darla is always on the lookout for good recipes to try so she can share her new dishes with family. 

“I’m constantly looking for ways to eat better. I’m going through a lifestyle change right now and exploring how I can improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.” 

Meditation and mindfulness are helping her come to terms with some of life’s challenges.  By exploring her newfound interests in cooking, traveling, and other hobbies, she’s finding joy in things she never had time to pursue in the past. 

Community and Support

Beyond the classes, Darla has found a supportive community through GetSetUp and appreciates the opportunity to participate via Zoom, the Chat Room, or by watching a pre-recorded session.

"The sense of camaraderie and support among participants and guides is truly heartwarming. Whether it's sharing tips and experiences or offering advice, I always feel welcomed and valued. It is obvious from every class I’ve taken that the guides enjoy what they do and the participants are eager to take part." she shares. 

She enjoys that GetSetUp is available at any time. 

“When I have downtime, I can turn on the computer and do an on-demand class. It really is very convenient. I can search by class, series, guide, or date. There are so many classes to choose from!” 

Looking Ahead

As Darla continues on her journey of self-exploration, she remains grateful for the opportunities that GetSetUp has provided. 

"GetSetUp has become an integral part of my journey. It has empowered me to embrace new beginnings, nurture my well-being, and forge meaningful connections with others. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next," she concludes.

Through GetSetUp, she has found not only a platform for learning but also a gateway to a richer, more fulfilling life, teaching her about some necessary topics such as Social Security and Medicare as well as life-enriching classes on travel, health, wellness, and more! 

Mar 15, 2024
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