Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritize your physical health this October with our Active Aging Series, promoting vitality and physical empowerment.
  • Embrace technology confidently this National Techies Day with our Refresh Your Technology Skills series, unlocking your inner techie.
  • Make informed healthcare choices during Medicare Open Enrollment with expert-led classes, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources for a healthier, happier life.

This fall, it's time to focus on getting better and staying healthy as winter approaches. We invite you to join us this October as we embrace this month with series dedicated to physical empowerment, technology exploration, and informed healthcare choices. This October, let's not only enjoy the fall season but also prioritize our physical health, learn how technology can help us age better, and ensure we are making intelligent choices about our Medicare. 

Be Empowered – Stay Active and Inspired for Active Aging Week

Active Aging Week is all about celebrating the vitality and energy of older adults. At GetSetUp, we're thrilled to participate in this celebration by offering classes focusing on physical empowerment throughout the month. Staying active is crucial for a fulfilling life, regardless of age. Our fitness classes are designed to inspire and motivate you to keep moving, stay active, and embrace a lifestyle filled with vitality. From October 2 to October 8, whether you're looking for gentle exercises to boost your physical health or seeking ways to stay active, our Active Aging Series is here to guide you on your journey to physical empowerment!

Be Bold – Embrace National Techies Day All This Month

Technology is everywhere, and it's never too late to become tech-savvy! This October 3, National Techies Day, is the perfect excuse to dive into the world of technology. At GetSetUp, we're ready to help you embrace it confidently all the time, but especially this October. Our technology-focused series Refresh Your Technology Skills is designed to unleash your inner techie, whether you're curious about the latest gadgets or aiming to master digital skills. 

Technology can empower you to live a more connected, efficient, and enjoyable life as you age. Our classes will guide you through the digital world, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to navigate the tech landscape boldly. Embrace technology, stay tech-savvy, and boldly step into the latest tech in the digital age with GetSetUp.

Be Empowered – Navigate Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment is a critical time of the year, and we're here to empower you to make informed healthcare choices. At GetSetUp, we understand that healthcare plans and options can sometimes feel overwhelming. That's why we're offering a series of informative classes to guide you through the Medicare Open Enrollment process. 

Our goal is to help you understand different healthcare plans, navigate the various coverage options, and ensure you can make the best decisions for your healthcare needs. You can lead a healthier, happier life with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices. Learn the latest in Medicare this year!

And also…

Embrace the Season – Celebrate October with Us

October is a special time of the year, filled with autumn's beauty and spooky surprises. At GetSetUp, we're not just about learning and empowerment but also about celebrating this season's joys. 

Join us in celebrating Halloween with classes designed to capture the season's spirit, from exploring the art of crafting with our Halloween Haunts and Crafts: Candy Bag Tags and Cards class to embracing the excitement of Halloween with The Haunted Tales of Salem class.

These campaigns and classes were designed to offer ongoing fun and new learning experiences as we move into autumn. At GetSetUp, every day is an opportunity to learn, connect, and thrive, enjoy our latest classes and series!

Sep 22, 2023
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