Key Takeaways:

  1. Diverse Interests: Marie has wide-ranging passions, from travel to ghost investigations.
  2. Embracing Technology: Overcoming apprehensions to delve into the digital world.
  3. The Joy of Learning: How GetSetUp classes have become a source of joy and exploration for Marie.

At 77, Marie, a retired Sci-Fi author and self-proclaimed "SteamPunk Granny" from New Jersey, has embarked on a fascinating learning journey with GetSetUp thanks to being part of the partnership with the New Jersey Division of Aging Services.  

“I have 9 grandchildren, and they drag me into their adventures, and I drag them to mine!”

Her diverse interests range from ghost investigations to writing humorous memoirs, making her a unique and vibrant member of the GetSetUp community.

A Life Full of Adventures

Marie's life has been a tapestry of colorful experiences. After retiring from the Academy of Natural Sciences, she delved into writing, with five books to her name, including a Sci-Fi series, The Roof Oasis, and a memoir, Life with Fred and Lucy: Growing Up in South Philly, an Addams Family meets I Love Lucy type humor comedy of life with her parents. 

"I also write articles and reviews for movies and TV, particularly in the zombie and horror genre," she shares in the media and on her blog

Discovering GetSetUp

Marie stumbled upon GetSetUp when a friend told her that the New Jersey Division of Aging Services offered free classes to seniors. 

“I said I'm not a senior because I don’t feel like one. But then I decided to take a chance. Since a week ago, when I first started, I’ve been finding the classes really interesting," Marie recalls. 

Her curiosity was piqued by classes like Tai Chi and travel, offering her glimpses of places she might not physically get the opportunity to visit. 

Classes That Caught Her Attention

Marie gravitates toward travel classes like Traveler's Top Picks: Wildlife Safaris, Travel: Destinations Not To Be Missed, LIVE Virtual Walking Tour: Sao Paulo, Brazil - One of the Graffiti Capitals of the World, and Explore Historical Cities in Spain, as well those on space and satellites like Space Exploration: Private Companies' Impact. 

"These are places that I most likely won't be able to see, and this is the only way I'm able to explore them is through these classes," she says. 

Her adventurous spirit finds solace in these virtual explorations. 

Learning and Growing with GetSetUp

Despite her busy schedule, Marie tries to attend at least one class a day, sometimes even three, when they catch her interest. 

"I'm trapped until the house is built," she jokes, referring to her current living situation living with her daughter and son-in-law in their Wildwood home, 2 hours away from all her friends until the new house is built. 

But it's GetSetUp that offers her a window to the world.

Health and Well-Being Through Learning

Marie believes that GetSetUp classes encourage health and well-being in a holistic way. 

"Not only are you watching cooking and Tai Chi, but just moving and knowing that you got this class might encourage people to go outside and walk," she explains.

Why GetSetUp Stands Out

For Marie, GetSetUp is not just about the classes; it's about opening doors to new knowledge in a safe, secure environment. 

She appreciates how it caters to her generation, making learning accessible and enjoyable. 

"I feel like it gives a person in our age group... the chance to get up the courage to take a college course," Marie reflects.

Recommendation and Looking Forward

Marie enthusiastically recommends GetSetUp, seeing it as a wonderful way for people, especially those with physical disabilities or those hesitant post-COVID, to travel around the world through someone else’s experience and learn. As she organizes her move and plans her learning schedule, GetSetUp remains an integral part of her daily routine, a source of joy and endless discovery. She’s looking forward to putting into practice a class around creating a garden in your kitchen once her new home is finished.

Feb 6, 2024
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