Key Takeaways:

  1. George's exploration into plant-based cooking has opened up a new world of healthy eating habits.
  2. Through meditation and art classes, George found comfort and a new hobby, enriching his life after a significant personal loss.
  3. Regular participation in GetSetUp classes introduced George to a community of learners and a daily routine filled with learning and growth.

A year ago, we shared the story of George, a 91-year-old widower from Montana, who turned to GetSetUp to navigate the profound grief of losing his wife of 72 years. George found GetSetUp through his Blue Cross Insurance company which offers him Silversneakers whose classes include GetSetUp classes. 

Through GetSetUp classes in yoga, meditation, and technology, George began laying the groundwork for a new chapter in his life, finding solace and a sense of purpose in learning and community engagement. Today, at 92, George's journey with GetSetUp has evolved from coping with grief to embracing a life full of learning, creativity, and health.

From Coping to Thriving

George's initial foray into GetSetUp was driven by a need to find peace amid the turmoil of loss. 

"I've been getting a lot of good use out of GetSetUp classes," George had said, emphasizing how the platform's meditation, yoga, and art classes became his lifeline. 

Over the past year, these classes have not only continued to provide comfort but have also sparked new interests in cooking and passions for meditation and breathing techniques in George's life, illustrating the transformative power of lifelong learning.

A Year of Growth and Discovery

Since we last heard from George, his engagement with GetSetUp has deepened, branching out into areas like plant-based nutrition and watercolor painting. Under the guidance of instructors like Twyla, George has embraced new eating habits, enriching his diet with lentils, seeds, and other healthy ingredients. 

"Under Twyla’s influence, I have changed my eating and learned to use some new things," George reflects, highlighting the impact of nutrition classes on his well-being.

The void left by his wife's passing led George to meditation classes that taught him to find calmness amidst the chaos of endless worrying. 

"The greatest benefit is learning to calm down the void," George shared, appreciating how GetSetUp's programs have taught him to relax and gain mental calmness, moving away from his "default worry-wart function."

The yoga and exercises classes are also helping him to stay more flexible and active since he’s not having as many opportunities to get outside. 

Creative Connections

George's journey took a creative turn as he discovered a passion for watercolor painting, thanks to GetSetUp's art classes. This new hobby not only brought him joy but also strengthened his bond with his artistic sister in Texas, turning his learning experience into a family affair.

 "This gave me a lot more to talk to my sister about," says George, showcasing the unexpected ways learning can foster connections.

He’s particularly enjoyed the watercolor painting classes, and his sister has also dove again into watercolor painting, even though she was previously painting with more acrylic paints. 

“I am not pretending to be an artist, but I enjoy doing the art and am learning quite a bit.”

GetSetUp Guides have been wonderful, including Glenda Springer, Natalie Cassar, Twyla Tietzel, Pilar Rodrigues, and Deana Neibert. They have been very helpful to me.

Community and Continuity

Over the past year, George's daily routine has been enriched by his favorite GetSetUp Guides. Their classes have not only provided George with skills and knowledge but also with a sense of community and belonging. 

"I wouldn't be able to benefit from GetSetUp without the captions," George admits, highlighting the platform's inclusivity and attention to learners' diverse needs.

Looking Ahead

As George continues to explore new passions and interests through GetSetUp, his story serves as an inspiration to others, proving that it's never too late to learn, grow, and connect with others.

"I really appreciate the classes and am watching them regularly. They have benefitted me quite a lot," George concludes, looking forward to continuing his journey of discovery with GetSetUp.
Mar 21, 2024
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