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In a world where technology has the power to bridge gaps and cultivate community, Migdalia's journey emerges as a beacon of inspiration. At the age of 63, Migdalia's path found herself facing new challenges with a need for resilience and a renewed fervent desire for connection. As a SilverSneakers member Migdalia has access at no additional charge to her to GetSetUp classes, thanks to their partnership. Through these she not only found ways to enhance her health but also discovered a vibrant online community that nurtures her well-being and curiosity.

Migdalia' has been battling an autoimmune disorder that significantly impacts her health. She found herself dealing with the aftermath of intense treatments and the inability to continue her role as a social worker. The weight of this shift, both professionally and personally, left her feeling isolated and struggling to find the support she had always provided for others.

"I was a social worker - but, it was difficult to find support for myself when I needed it. It ended up being very depressing,"

Migdalia confided, reflecting on the emotional toll of her situation. Despite the challenges, her spirit remained unbroken as she embarked on a new chapter in her life, guided by a determination to rediscover a new purpose and improve her well-being.

Amidst the uncertainties, Migdalia's journey led her to the digital world of SilverSneakers and GetSetUp. "One day I was checking on health insurance and I found SilverSneakers, and then I found I had access to GetSetUp," she recounts. These platforms became her refuge, offering the guidance, community, and the comfort she longed for.

Tai Chi sessions, led by the gentle and calming presence of Ty, became a source of tranquility. "Ty is so gentle, and I really like him. I feel calm in his classes," Migdalia shares, her words echoing the soothing effect of these online classes. The meditation sessions, guided by Glenda, resonated deeply with her. "The meditation was exactly for me," she says, underscoring the alignment of these classes with her current needs for improved well-being.

For Migdalia, who dedicated her life to supporting others, discovering a supportive community from the comfort of her home was a revelation. "For me as a social worker, this is a miracle that I found the support that I needed without having to take a bus. I can find the support in my home," she said with gratitude. .

From Zumba to cooking classes Migdalia embraces the wealth of opportunities presented by these platforms. "I think that GetSetUp is a place where you can grow," she asserts, underlining the platform's role as a catalyst for continuous development. Her journey exemplifies the platform's potential to foster curiosity and facilitate the acquisition of new skills.

As she engages in various classes, her sense of isolation wanes. "Now, I don't feel like I'm alone," she says, her voice imbued with the warmth of newfound connections. These platforms have evolved into spaces of camaraderie and shared learning, filling the void that isolation once created.

The transformative impact of GetSetUp on Migdalia's life is undeniable. "I was planning to go for psychotherapy or counseling. For me, it's hard to find a counselor because I am a Social Worker," she confides. Yet, through these platforms, she discovers a myriad of classes that occupy her mind and promote her well-being so she didnÔÇÖt feel like she needed to seek outside help due to isolation.

Through SilverSneakers and GetSetUp, Migdalia not only rediscovered her sense of purpose and well-being but also forged meaningful connections and embraced personal growth.

Oct 11, 2023
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