Key Takeaways:

  1. A Passion for Technology: Thuy's background in tech drives her focus on GetSetUp's tech classes.
  2. Balancing Busy Schedules: Even with a hectic lifestyle, Thuy finds time for learning.
  3. Practical Applications: From photography to gardening, Thuy applies her learnings to real-life activities.

Thuy, an active member of the Orange County Public Library partnership, shares her enriching experience with GetSetUp. Despite a busy schedule as an Orange County election volunteer and with the upcoming Vietnamese New Year preparations, Thuy makes time to indulge in her passion for technology and learning.

Technology at the Heart

With a background in Hewlett Packard, Thuy's affinity for technology finds a perfect match in GetSetUp's tech classes. 

“I've taken at least 75 classes, focusing mainly on technology," she says, highlighting her commitment to keeping up with the ever-evolving tech world.

She is particularly fond of some of the classes taught by technology Guides like Wade and Cyndi. She has enjoyed classes that enhance her iPhone and tech knowledge, like Tech Office Hours with Wade: Using Your iPhone,  iPhone Message App:  Tricks You Need To Know (20-min class), and Google Search: Tips & Tricks

A Diverse Learning Palette

While technology remains her primary interest, Thuy's curiosity doesn't stop there. She's also explored classes in travel, gardening, and photography, applying these skills in her day-to-day life. 

"I really liked the session on organizing plants. It helped me prepare my garden again," she shares enthusiastically.

She utilized many of the iPhone photography classes as well to take better photos and organize her photos into albums. 

The Benefits of GetSetUp Classes

Thuy finds GetSetUp's technology classes particularly beneficial. They help her recall forgotten skills, like organizing folders, navigating her email, and using her iPhone effectively. 

"The technology class reminded me a lot and helped me remember what I forget since I’m not always using the technology every day," she notes, appreciating how the classes have refreshed her memory.

She attends the classes through her iPad and appreciates getting her questions answered in the chat. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Thuy's approach to learning extends beyond live classes. She often revisits class notes and puts into practice what she's learned, be it in technology or gardening. Her proactive learning style showcases how GetSetUp caters to diverse learning preferences.

Sharing the GetSetUp Experience

Thuy's satisfaction with GetSetUp has led her to recommend the platform to friends. 

"I share about GetSetUp with my friends and have introduced them to it, because I’m really pleased with the classes so far," she mentions, highlighting the platform's appeal to a broad audience. 

She’s not sure if her friends have been doing classes, but she knows the importance of the variety of classes. Even 15 minutes of Tai Chi a day is a good way for her to get exercise.. 

Looking Ahead with GetSetUp

With plans to explore finance, AI, and travel classes, Thuy's journey with GetSetUp is far from over. Thuy's experience is a shining example of how GetSetUp empowers individuals to continue growing, learning, and applying new skills in all aspects of their lives.

Feb 23, 2024
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