Key Takeaways:

  1. Expanding Horizons: How GetSetUp reignited Alexa's passion for travel and learning.
  2. Embracing Flexibility: The freedom of retirement is enriched by diverse GetSetUp classes.
  3. Physical and Mental Well-being: Alexa's commitment to health and technology classes enhances her quality of life.

From the serene landscapes of Northwest Wisconsin, Alexa, a 67-year-old retiree, shares her enriching journey with GetSetUp. Having spent years in the travel industry, retirement offered her the much-desired freedom to explore new destinations and experiences.

A New Chapter Begins

Retirement for Alexa wasn't just an end to her professional career; it marked the beginning of a vibrant chapter.

"I have learned retirement is a gradual process," she shares. "The biggest gift has been flexibility." 

This newfound flexibility has allowed her to pursue interests like volunteering, connecting with older church community members, volunteering with Meals on Wheels and, most intriguing, traveling. 

In 2023, she embarked on a memorable trip to Iceland as a step-back into international travel, followed by plans for Ireland/Scotland and a river cruise through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany later this year. This phase of life is not just about relaxation but about meaningful engagement and community contribution.

Discovering GetSetUp

Alexa's introduction to GetSetUp came through her healthcare plan in Wisconsin, which included SilverSneakers and GetSetUp when she became eligible for Medicare. Her initial engagement with GetSetUp was driven by a quest for fitness options about a year and a half ago. 

 "I did the GetSetUp introductory session, then got curious about workout options,” she explains.

What captivated her initially was the workout sessions, but soon, the diverse offerings of GetSetUp piqued her interest.

A Regular at Workout Sessions 

The workout sessions with Stacy, a guide at GetSetUp, became a part of her regular routine, providing variety and focusing on different aspects of well-being each day. 

"It's been great for improving muscle strength and balance," she notes, emphasizing her intentionality in movement and focus on bone strength to help prevent osteoporosis.

Beyond Physical Fitness: A World of Learning

GetSetUp's impact on Alexa extended beyond physical wellness. 

"Some of the personal finance sessions have been very helpful. One in particular about travel insurance came at a timely moment," she shares. 

The technology sessions, especially those led by Wade, on how to best utilize her iPhone, were also enlightening and helpful, making technology more accessible and less daunting. 

The GetSetUp Difference

What sets GetSetUp apart for Alexa is the engaging nature of the classes and the dedication of the Guides.

 "The Guides are invested in their desire to teach and share. You can see it as part of their personal expression," Alexa emphasizes, praising guide Sue Murray for her energy and effort in travel destination sessions.

The interactive sessions and the opportunity to learn from peers adds a unique dimension to her learning experience. She also enjoys taking some of the yoga classes taught by Guides in India, i.e., eye yoga and learning breathing techniques. She finds these global classes a unique way to expand her understanding of health and wellness with new perspectives. 

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

Alexa enthusiastically recommends GetSetUp to anyone over age 60, citing it as a great resource. 

"I speak highly of these [classes] to my acquaintances and friends," she says, recognizing the value it brings to those who may not have access to similar programs.

For Alexa, GetSetUp is more than a platform for learning; it's a community that fosters growth, curiosity, and well-being. As she continues to explore and learn, GetSetUp remains an integral part of her journey in retirement.

Feb 28, 2024
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