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After being widowed twice in a short time Martha found renewed community with GetSetUp and is enjoying meeting like-minded peers from all over. Learn how Martha is leading a group for those who are suddenly solo and widowed to create a powerful positive community.


Martha found herself widowed twice in a four-year period of time. The first time she was working full-time in cardiology technology and had various side hustles including conference planning, medical education, and a jewelry-making business. While it was shocking and hard, she had a lot of other activities that kept her going.

“I’m a creature of habit. I've lived in the same house in Pennsylvania since it was built in 1973.”

She had the good fortune to meet another wonderful man a few years later. She retired then to spend time with him between their homes in California and Pennsylvania. They got married but sadly just 2.5 years later he suddenly passed.

“I found being widowed the second time and not working meant I had all this time on my hands. I had no life of my own because after I retired my husband and I had done everything together.  It was extremely dramatic to be widowed a second time. I didn’t feel a reason to get out of bed for almost 15 months because I didn’t feel I had a purpose.”

Martha still had her daughter and grandkids but it took her some time before she felt she could get it together. She took the first step by picking up a newspaper and looking for a part-time job. She found one in data entry that allowed her to work when she wanted and that helped to get her out the door.

“I still couldn’t focus though until I took a class by a woman on grief counseling and transforming your life. The class made me realize every day is precious. We are in control of our own destiny, whether we choose to do nothing or make the most out of it. We never get today back and we aren’t promised tomorrow. I learned to live in the moment instead of rushing forward or hurting by living in the past.”

Martha has since put her efforts into coaching others facing aging issues and who may have lost a loved one through her coaching business Grow In Relationships.

“I like the coaching aspect. We focus on how the mind, body, and spirit transforms in each person’s life. It’s all about listening and asking questions to help people.”

A little over 2 years ago Martha met another wonderful man 13 years her senior, Chuck, who is inspiring her daily.

“He’s never idle and constantly learning. He lives his life intentionally every day like I do. Chuck’s mission statement is:  identify needs, add value, and get results which he uses to mentor small businesses. When I see the people we can affect and help by showing how to live intentionally, it's an incredible feeling.”

Both Chuck and Martha participate in the GetSetUp community. They have enjoyed finding other people learning throughout life like themselves.

May 23, 2022
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