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GetSetUp is proud to be building a technology solution that meets older adults’ needs, listens to their voices, and is focused on providing the best possible user experience customized to their pain points.

What started as a way to improve the lives of friends and my parents quickly became a necessity during the pandemic. Now it has awoken older adults to the benefits of online learning and socialization. While most technology innovations ignore older adults, GetSetUp is proud to be building a technology solution that meets older adults’ needs, listens to their voices, and is focused on providing the best possible user experience customized to their pain points.  

We have built a social learning platform that makes it easy for older adults to get online, learn technology, engage in mental enrichment activities, and be socially connected. Many older adults struggle to download and use new software, so we built GetSetUp to be accessible from any device with just a click. 

Our customized video platform is a first for older adults, with no need to download Zoom to access and engage in programming and connect with peers. We’ve lowered the barriers to entry both through our no friction interface, easy-to-use chat function and by introducing older adults as our teachers to create a non-judgmental environment for peers to learn from.  

GetSetUp’s most recent partnership with Tivity Health (TVTY), the largest provider of physical fitness to older adults, just goes to show that aging is becoming more holistic to include physical, mental, and social health. We are excited to be part of the mental enrichment offering through SilverSneakers to their 70+ Medicare Advantage Plan members that serve 18 million eligible older adults. The SilverSneakers + GetSetUp duo is revolutionizing aging health by providing physical, mental, and social activities to help older adults live healthy, active, and happier lives.  

Solutions that change the lives of those who helped mold yours 

We hear daily from our learners of the benefits our platform has made to their physical and mental health. They share how it has helped them feel empowered and truly helped to reduce social isolation. Plus I’ve been able to see this first hand with my own parents. My mom never used to be online much. Now she shares with me the upcoming classes she’s attending, attended, or is going to be leading. GetSetUp has helped me to get closer to my parents in spite of a global pandemic and miles of distance. From miles away, I can share in my mom’s cooking classes on GetSetUp or see her show off her favorite sari. My dad is also hosting his own classes and enjoying virtual events.

GetSetUp has seen tremendous growth since its start 19 months ago. We went from 0 to over 3 million older adults accessing our platform from 160 countries in under two years. We started with technology classes, but our catalog has expanded to over 2,000 classes that range from technology to healthy cooking, to mental and physical fitness, to virtual travel, and more.  Older adults are joining GetSetUp to find a community that shares their interests and where they can become creators hosting their own interest group discussions. Our Guides are older adults who are building curricula and improving their classes to always provide the best experience to our learners.  It has been so amazing to see the positive impact my team has been creating not just in data and numbers but in testimonials and my own parents. 

GetSetUp has partnered with government, community, and health plan organizations in over 26 states, to serve older adults in their local areas.  We have also partnered with leading senior care providers, BaptistCare and Whiddon in Australia and Ashiana Housing in India. Partners are working with GetSetUp to address critical factors for healthy aging, including reducing social isolation and increasing mental and physical activities that are important to overall wellness.

Our amazing GetSetUp team is excited to be leading the way in using technology, a powerful peer-to-peer model, and innovative partnerships to cause powerful positive change in the lives of millions globally. 

May 18, 2022
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