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GetSetUp, the leading online learning and discovery platform tailored for older adults, is thrilled to announce its support for exceptional older athletes participating in the Senior Games. Through sponsorship and dedicated assistance, GetSetUp aims to celebrate the remarkable achievements of these athletes while inspiring individuals of all ages to embrace an active lifestyle and break down age barriers in sports.

The Senior Games serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication of older athletes, who continue to pursue their athletic dreams and push their limits. Recognizing the importance of their participation, GetSetUp is committed to providing support, encouragement, and a platform for these exceptional athletes to share their inspiring journeys.

As part of this initiative, GetSetUp will sponsor 13 participating athletes, providing them with invaluable resources and assistance. Each athlete will receive a full GetSetUp branded kit, symbolizing unity and empowering them with a sense of identity within their sport. Additionally, athletes will gain exclusive access to GetSetUp's innovative online platform, enabling them to share their stories, insights, and training techniques with a global audience.

“We are excited to support older athletes through GetSetUp Athletes. Older adults are often overlooked in the sports world, but we believe that there is no age limit to pursuing one's athletic goals. Our program is designed to provide support and encouragement to these athletes and help inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle at any age,” said Lawrence Kosick, President and Co-Founder of GetSetUp. 

Each athlete brings a unique background and experience to the program and will facilitate classes on topics on their expertise, including classes on health, and wellness, and on the GetSetUp platform to inspire others

GetSetUp Athletes include the following impressive athletes: 

Rodger Reddish, 74, a recumbent cyclist from Colorado: Rodger is a military veteran and stroke survivor who has competed in numerous senior Olympic Games, earning multiple medals in cycling and tri-relay events. He participated in the National Senior Games in both 2019 and 2022, earning medals in cycling and tri-relay. Following his stroke, Rodger needed oxygen to help him breathe and a knee brace due to an injury acquired throughout his time in the military. Rodger's dedication to sports has brought him success, and he continues to inspire others with his determination and resilience. When Rodger is not competing at the National Senior Games, you can find him volunteering his time at other events, cheering for athletes, and will be again bearing The National VA’s flag in the opening ceremonies.

Mark McCarthy, 74, a cyclist from New York: Mark is a lifetime athlete, starting with wrestling in fourth grade, and receiving a wrestling scholarship to college. He played professional racquetball from 1976 to 1983, during the sport's peak, and was sponsored by Nike and Wilson at the time. After double hip replacement at 53, he began cycling and has since won over 200 road races, hill climbs, crits, time trials, and Gran Fondos. He holds age group records in seven Northeast hill climbs. With four college degrees, Mark has also taught racquetball, wrestling, and tennis at the high school and junior college levels and feels like a natural teacher who loves to share his knowledge.

Madonna Hanna, 69, a sprinter from Washington: Madonna, a former fashion executive and teacher, felt a calling to run one day and started competing in senior games in 2011. After facing setbacks such as a torn Achilles heel and the passing of her husband in 2018, she found a new coach, elite track athlete Marcus Chambers, who helped her win two silver medals in-state games. Madonna is also a polished public speaker and has been coaching Marcus on personal branding and motivational speaking. Madonna's story shows that it's never too late to pursue your passion and achieve personal goals.

Mike Adsit, 73, a cyclist from Michigan: Mike is an endurance cycling athlete from Michigan who has been competing in the National Senior Games for the past four years. He is a four-time 22-year cancer survivor, a father, and a grandfather. Additionally, Mike is an organic farming and food specialist with over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. As an athlete, he has been involved in bicycle racing for 20 years and also serves as a bicycle coach and fitness instructor. Mike's connection to The Livestrong Foundation for cancer survivors gives him extra motivation to pursue his athletic goals.

Ellen Jaffe Jones, 70, a runner from Florida: Ellen is a multi-talented athlete and author who is passionate about vegan health and fitness. As a 6-time vegan health/fitness book author and speaker, she has shared her expertise on a national level. She brings her love for fitness and health to GetSetUp as a GetSetUp Athlete for the second year in a row. Her diverse background includes being an Emmy-nominated journalist, a former financial consultant for Smith Barney, an Up With People singer, and a licensed Florida realtor.

Arch Rivals Volleyball Team, 66-71, a team from Missouri: The Arch Rivals, a volleyball team comprised of 8 women from Missouri, will be competing in the 65-69 volleyball competition. This year’s team is comprised of Captain Virginia Buckles, Linda McClanahan, Suzanne Watson, Kathy Harris, Terri Durand, Pat Dittmeier, Mary Czapla-Layton, and Patricia Clark. The women are thrilled to be sponsored for this upcoming event since they were in school before Title 9 and when women’s sports weren’t valued. The Arch Rivals are ready to make their mark at the upcoming games, showcasing the power of determination and camaraderie in senior sports.

Look for GetSetUp Athletes in their bright orange and navy gear as they compete at the National Senior Games in Pittsburgh from July 7th-18th to showcase their love of their sport and to promote the importance of an active lifestyle for seniors.

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May 30, 2023
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