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Leading online learning and discovery platform for older adults, GetSetUp, proudly celebrates the exceptional achievements of its sponsored athletes at the 2023 National Senior Games. These remarkable individuals have not only demonstrated unwavering dedication and resilience but have also delivered outstanding performances, inspiring people of all ages to embrace an active lifestyle.

Rodger Reddish, 73, Overcomes Challenges to Claim Gold in Cycling Time Trials

Rodger Reddish, a 73-year-old recumbent cyclist from Colorado and military veteran, showcased remarkable determination at the National Senior Games. Despite being a stroke survivor who requires oxygen and a knee brace to compete, Rodger's impressive results include winning GOLD in the 5k Cycling Time Trials and GOLD in the 10k Cycling Time Trials. With high hopes, he eagerly awaits the results of The Triathlon on July 18th.

Mark McCarthy, 74, Secures Multiple Medals in Cycling Events

Mark McCarthy, a 74-year-old cyclist from New York with a lifelong dedication to athletics, has garnered sponsorships from renowned brands like Nike, Wilson, and Trek. At the National Senior Games, Mark demonstrated his prowess by securing 4th place in the 5k Cycling Time Trials, claiming GOLD in the 10k Cycling Time Trials, and earning BRONZE in the 40k Road Race.

Madonna Hanna, 70, Overcomes Adversity to Win Gold in Sprinting

Madonna Hanna, a 70-year-old sprinter from Washington, has faced significant challenges in her pursuit of running later in life, including a torn Achilles heel and personal setbacks. Despite these obstacles, Madonna's tenacity shone through at the National Senior Games, where she earned 5th place in both the 50M and 100M races, and clinched GOLD in the 4x100M relay.

Mike Adsit, 73, Demonstrates Resilience in Cycling Events

Mike Adsit, a 73-year-old cyclist from Michigan and a four-time 22-year cancer survivor, exemplifies resilience and endurance. His dedication to cycling and work with the Livestrong Foundation have earned widespread recognition. At the National Senior Games, Mike showcased his spirit by participating in various time trials, securing respectable rankings, coming in 31st in the 5K Time Trial, 29th in the 10k Time Trial, and 141st in the 20k Time Trial.

Ellen Jaffe Jones, 70, Achieves Outstanding Results in Running Events

Ellen Jaffe Jones, a 70-year-old vegan runner from Florida, combines her athletic prowess with a passion for promoting vegan health and fitness. With a diverse background as an Emmy-nominated journalist and financial consultant, Ellen's experience and knowledge shine through in her endeavors. At the National Senior Games, Ellen demonstrated her strength and endurance, achieving commendable results in all 7 running events ranging from 8th to 20th, including a GOLD medal in the 4x100M relay.

The Arch Rivals, A Symbol of Determination and Camaraderie in Senior Sports

The Arch Rivals, a volleyball team composed of dedicated women aged 66 to 71 from Missouri, exemplify the power of determination and camaraderie in senior sports. The team has become a symbol of opportunities and achievements possible for women in sports post-Title IX. Their enthusiasm and experience were evident in their performance at the National Senior Games, where they secured 5th place in the Women's Volleyball 65+ competition.

Neil Dsouza, CEO of GetSetUp, said, ÔÇťWitnessing our sponsored athletes achieve exceptional results at the National Senior Games fills me with great pride and inspiration. They have shattered age barriers and showcased what's possible when passion and dedication meet perseverance. It's a powerful reminder that there are no limits to what we can accomplish, regardless of our age.ÔÇŁ

GetSetUp Athletes are continuing their leadership by inspiring older adults to embrace an active lifestyle as they challenge societal perceptions about age and athleticism.

Jul 24, 2023
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