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Mike, a musician and GetSetUp Community Leader located in South Carolina, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, he made a living playing guitar music for senior homes, assisted living communities, and seniors. When the pandemic hit, he had to find other ways to make ends meet. He tried virtual concerts, giving speeches at universities, being a mechanic, Door Dashing, and other gigs. During this time, he developed his own ‚ÄúSunshine Course‚ÄĚ on finding peace in life based on his books about Zen.

‚ÄúThe course takes people step-by-step through reseeing their life through a more peaceful lens. Plus, the classes combine poetry and songs to help people find happiness in their lives.‚ÄĚ

However, he still felt the need to find a virtual community where he could connect with others and refine himself further. That's when he discovered GetSetUp. He was immediately drawn to the platform and its classes. GetSetUp provides learners the opportunity to explore topics of interest that may be hard to find elsewhere such as gardening, using cell phones for photography and history classes.

"I found GetSetUp and thought it looked really nice when I peaked at  the classes."

He started his Community Leader role by leading a music session; however, he found that Zoom did not handle music well, so he decided to switch to a poetry class called Poetry and Stories: A Journey to Home.

"I talked to Karina from GetSetUp, and said let’s do a poetry class instead, where we can explore poetry and talk about poems."

Mike loves leading this session, especially since it gives him the opportunity to connect with others.

"Some of the folks there brought their poetry, and they shared some of it. I enjoy leading this session, and it gives me an outlet to connect with others and really help myself in many ways."

He was so impressed with GetSetUp that he even applied for a Guide position. He believes that GetSetUp is doing a good job, especially during these times when people are looking to refine themselves and take care of themselves more than they have before.

"People are stopping to think about what they want. To find in themselves as an artist, musician, or poet. People want to dive into that. They are looking for it now or in the near future. People coming from the corporate world who retire will realize they are not their job. They may be a little lost. GetSetUp is where heart-centered classes are that will really help people redefine themselves and be re-awakened."

Mike believed that classes centered around art, music, and poetry would be essential in this new awakening. He expressed interest in teaching a class on musical history and creating healing music. He also has some ideas for classes he would like to explore music history from different eras, instruments, and pieces. He is also interested in teaching a class on creating healing music.

"Music is energy. Music for healing."

Overall, GetSetUp has been a valuable resource for Mike to find a community where he can connect with others and refine himself while sharing his talents.

Mar 10, 2023
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